Baby Long Beach - May 11

photo by Matthew Chin

Squad Division Place
Black 200m 1st (0:54.12)

Baby Long Beach: THIS Sunday, 5/11

- Please bring $5 for hosting fees--this will go towards water and small munchies (it will not be the spread we have at regular Long Beach)

- Meet at Mother's Beach at 7:15am to help bring (paddle) Boat 5 to Marine Stadium

- Other stuff you might want to bring: sunscreen, towel, water bottle, chair, your go-get-em spirit =)


photo by Matthew Chin

photo by Matthew Chin

Thanks from the Cheng Family as well; sorry to have missed it! I heard that you guys were able to mix up all paddlers for these races. As understood to be a training race, I hope you were able to learn from one another. This should be helpful to our newer paddlers to have the opportunity to paddle with veterans.

As you have all been training hard, we have somewhat of a breather this weekend with the LARD sale (sign up if you haven't yet; actually I think Wynne and I have to also). Come out. Bring some snacks and drinks to share. Bring your junk to sell. This is a good chance to not only do some house/apartment cleaning, but catch up with your teammates OFF the boat. And then testing and practice on Sunday.

photo by Matthew Chin

See you all this weekend and have a great rest of the week!


Mixed 200m 1st Place


Chang, Jane
Chang, Jilly
Chen, Lilly
Claire Macaraeg
Craig, Vicki
Foley, Susan
Fong, Janna
Kim, Cathleen
Kimura, TK
Krier, Daryle
Lam, Yonnie
Lin, Jeannie
Mehregan, Roo
Palaganas, Darlene
Potter, Meghan
Qunito, Kat
Skelton, Lori
Wee, Huay
Yamamoto, Lorena


Banh, James
Zeng, Cai
Chang, Chuck
Chen, Jeff
Chhean, Andy
Chhean, Dennis
Chin, Matt
Chu, Nate
Feng, Mark
Fong, Aaron
Hu, Yang
Hyunh, Jon
Jan, Otto
Kim, Kenny
Lee, Mike
Lin, Will
Nguyen, Hugh
Tambourine, Brent
Tambourine, Jason
Tambourine, Johnny
Wang, Gary
Wu, Scott
Zankich, Todd
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