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Spring LARD Sale


Yardsale March 2011 (Delwin Leung)


by Eric Song (Mar 14, 2011)

Oh wow that was a lot of stuff. It really amazes me how much stuff people have in their homes that they don’t want. The Yard Sale was in my opinion and by sheer numbers a great success. It accomplished two objectives: raise money for LARD and clean out your house of things you no longer need. There was a bit of everything including clothing, books, VHS tapes, tables and even exercising and massaging machines (those sold fast). I grabbed a beanie baby pig for myself as I never grew out of the 90s and still think beanie babies mean something.


Quite a large number of people came and shopped. We even managed to stop a Macy’s delivery truck on its delivery route. In the end all the large furniture was sold as well as majority of the miscellaneous small gadgets and gizmos. It was a great time with great people andbrought out the used car salesmen and women in all of us. Thank you to those of you who generously donated your possessions and thanks to those who participated by setting up in the wee hours of the morning, posting signs, cleaning and selling.


Karen Cheng
Aileen C. Chu
Alicia Muller
Crystal Wang
Jeannie Lin
Jessica Lee
Karen Wang
Kat Quinto
Lori Skelton
Meghan Potter
Sandy Yang
Vi Huynh
Wynne Wong


James Banh
Angel Garcia
Bill Ting
Butch Lucero
Charles Chang
Delwin Leung
Dennis Chhean
Doug Nyland
Jeffrey Chen
Kenny Kim
Leon Cheng
Mark Feng
Matthew Chin
Mike Lee
Nick Chekmizoff
Otto Jan
Paul Wu
Phil Sun
Richard Boucher
Scott Wu
William Leung