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8th Annual Tour de SoCal Bike Ride

Host: Leon Cheng

Location: Pioneer Jr. High

When: Sunday, November 1, 6:30AM

Annual Upland to Huntington Beach Bike Ride, a 55-miler. Don't let the number scare you; it's a great ride - primarily flat or downhill, one-way from mountain to beach. Jason, Art & I have organized this ride for several years, having ridden it numerous times in Boy Scouts. Speaking of Art, we haven't done this since he organized the event in 2007, so let's kick-off the reintroduction of this annual event in style.

We'll have a support truck (first aid, flats/fixes, or fatigue). We're meeting at 6:30am and should be back before 5pm. $20 cost includes transportation back to Upland for you & bike (bring towels/rags to carefully wrap bike), gas, lunch & drinks. All fees paid to "Thanh Do". TDo has offered to help organize; please respond directly on this evite if you would like to participate:

Dinner afterwards at our traditional steakhouse favorite, Steer N' Stein, if interested. All friends welcome!

It's Denny's. Why so excited?

I first heard about the bike ride when Gary talked about it. When my turn came around, I figured it would be a fun challenge. The longest ride I'd been on before then was a 20 mile bike ride. This one from Upland to Huntington Beach was definitely a challenge!! Armed with my Hello Kitty backpack, my helmet and my silicon seat pad, I was all ready to go!

I think I had a pretty good pace towards the beginning of the bike ride. I wasn't falling behind and was in a pack with a few people: Otto, Tk, Alison, Jessica. However, I realized that the ride got tougher and tougher as the day progressed. By the time lunch rolled around, I was experiencing gluteus maximus pains I have never felt before! After lunch, I just couldn't keep up with the rest of the bikes no matter how hard I tried! T-do was nice to hang with me for a while, but I think I was too slow for him!! I think he actually STOPPED pedaling while I was churning my legs as hard as I could. Pretty soon, it was just Otto and me chugging along with everybody else miles ahead. Every one of those little up down hills along the river bed was a challenge. I had discovered that if I pedaled as hard as I could in the downhill portion right before the uphill portion, I gained enough momentum to make it over the hill without much effort. About 2 or 3 miles to the beach, Leon shows up on his bike to help us to the finish. I was counting down every half mile "2 miles to go, 1.5 miles to go.....). By this time, I was exhausted.

I was the LAST ONE to arrive at the beach. I was baffled at how slow our progression was! Certainly, all the land training and cardio I had done in the season would have prepared me a little better!!

In one of the last few moments before we stopped pedaling, I noticed that Otto's back tire was flat. I later noticed that my front tire was also completely flat.

The lesson I learned is that I should always, always ALWAYS check my tires during a long bike ride.

Karen Wang

The 2009 LARD bike ride we couldn't have asked for better weather, it was perfect to be on a bike peddling for over 50 miles starting from the Upland valley to the sea during late Autumn. The tour de LARD took us through mostly flat suburban cityscape of Southern Calif, except a section where you need to climb a little, as we got close to the ocean the bike lanes were alone the river bank leading us out to the finish point.

In addition to cover some distance this ride also give you opportunity to fuel up to include a breakfast and lunch and supporting vehicles that will take us back without the return ride.

Bikes of all styles, conditions and price points were represented and opportunities to mingle with teammates outside of the Dragon Boat setting started to take shape as the quality of their equipment began to affect them differently as we traveled toward today's destination. You can imaging what might have taken place.

Our resident cinema photography Phil Sun came with and recorded this day, as have some of our friends helped in making this annual ride possible. All in all and good group fun day.

Ken Wang

Leon Cheng
Phil Sun
Ken Wang
Wynne Wong
Alison Wu
K Dub
TK Kimura
Anthony Yang
Evelyn Lim
Jessica Lee
Otto Jan
Karen Cheng
Megan Yeh
Jesse Wong
Bill Ting
Jason Cheng
Will Lim
Mike Lee
Scott Wu
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