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Banquet: 13th Annual Banquet @ The Grand, Long Beach

Centerpieces by Karen & Crystal Wang

Award Winner
Jack Ko Award Kenny Kim
Most Spirited Lori Skelton
Most Inspirational Leon Cheng
Rookie of the Year Delwin Leung
Most Improved Kat Quinto
Most Sportsmanlike Otto Jan
Most Valuable Chuck Chang
Biggest Eater Jeff Chen
Best Dressed Dennis Chhean
Best Hair Sandy Yang
Biggest Facebooker Vi Wu
Biggest Splasher Crystal Chen
Least Punctual Jeff Chen
Mr. Congeniality Mark Feng
Ms. Congeniality Karen Cheng
Most Photogenic James Banh
The Wax Fiend Nick Chekmizoff

Plan for Banquet

Jessica Lee (Oct 6, 2010)

Music by Greg, Alicia & Billy


As the season is winding down to a close, it's time for us to look back at everything we've accomplished this past season, the hardwork and the shared happiness. It's also a time to recognizing those who stood out from the rest of our family. Whether it's for being the most spirited or for the biggest facebooker, we want to recognize these people for all that they've contributed to the team. So please, come to our annual LARD awards banquet on 13 November @ 6pm @ The Grand in Long Beach. Our whole family, both new and old are encouraged to come.

Please RSVP and provide money by Oct 31. The evite is below and payment can be made to any Board officer/Captain (Jessica Lee, Lori, Diane, K-dub, Mike, Lilly, Kenny, Phil, Meghan, Vi, Cathleen).

Jessica Lee

Off-Season Practice & Land Training

Lori Skelton (Oct 29, 2010)

It's all waiting for you Avy

Good afternoon.

As you may or may not be aware, Dr. Will's Land Training has ended for the season. However, we will continue to paddle at our regular practice times: Saturday @ 9:00am and Sunday @ 7:30am. Please continue to respond to the weekly Evite's. As land training has come to end, it is a good idea to keep up a healthy fitness routine throughout the winter months.

In addition, we have a great treat in store as Rich will be conducting a Yoga instruction on Sunday's after practice at 10:00am. This will be a beginning Yoga circuit focusing on stretching and breathing. You will need a mat and/or towel and water. Rich's Yoga sessions will last throughout the year, vacation and weather permitting.

We will keep you informed should a practice be canceled due to weather or holiday. Stay tuned and don't forget to consult the LARD calendar on the website for further updates.

Thank you all for your hard work, dedication and commitment throughout the year! LARD STRONG!

Looking forward to seeing you all at the Banquet.

~ Lori

Photo by Scott Wu

Some words of gratitude

Mike Lee (Nov 14, 2010)

Thank you all the volunteers for making banquet 2010 possible

There are many thanks which owed all around for a successful and memorable event. There were a lot of people working in the background to make it happen so...

Thank you to:

Jeannie & Alicia Masters of Ceremony

Alicia and Jeannie for being amazing MCs and keeping the night entertaining and flowing smoothly.

Karen and Crystal Wang for slaving away late night to get the meticulous centerpieces completed.

Diane, Huay, Crystal and Vi for working the banquet check-in, voting and waivers.

Cheryl for taking charge of raffle ticket sales. We really raised a good chunk of money this year for LARD!

Dennis and Kat for organizing the end-of-year awards and funny awards.

Karen Cheng and Andy for creating and running the Family Feud game.

Greg, Alicia and Billy for their musical performance.

Phil for spearheading the banquet video year after year! (Don't worry he's trained a staff of 5+ people for next year)

Benchie. Meet benchie.

All the raffle prize donors! (Jim & Cheryl Rablovsky, Leon & Wynne Cheng, Alicia Muller, Karen Wang, Phil Sun, TK Kimura, Manny & Cynthia Caldera, Crystal Wang, Sam Kang, Rich Boucher, Jessica Lee)

Most of all, thanks to all the attendees and hope you all enjoyed the evening. Congratulations to all the awards and raffle winners. Welcome new Board members Delwin, Kat and Rich. Welcome new captain Crystal Wang.

Thanks everyone,

Mike Lee


Karen Wang (Nov 18, 2010)

It's red, black and white for one obvious reason! Crystal gave me the suggestin of using red lines around the pictures and the wording instead of a boring red border. It gave it a more artistical and abstract look. Since we were giving away star candy (Thanks Kenny!) we included stars all over the boxes. I specifically chose team pictures from different races and paired them with small pictures showing "LARD LOVE!

Banquet Awards

Lori Skelton (Nov 13, 2010)


2010 Banquet Awards

The blood, sweat and tears throughout the years only makes us stronger. Your dedication, commitment and hard work makes us who we are. It encourages me to worker harder for you.

We are a team;
We are a family;
We are LARD!

Looking forward to continuing the journey with all of you.

Farewell, 2010. Thanks for the memories. Buckle up 2011, it's going to be a wild ride!


Love & Spirit,

Banquet Memories

Crystal Wang (Nov 14, 2010)

They're watching you!

LARD, 2010 was such a great year! Thank you coaches, captains, and board for all of the hard work you all put in to make our team what it is today. Camera crew, thank you for capturing EVERYTHING and making these wonderful photo albums and videos for us. You guys are everywhere! Lastly, a much deserved thanks to all those LARDies that volunteer to help whenever needed. I'm so happy to be a part of this FAMILY and I'm looking forward to 2011...after I watch the banquet video 20 more times =)


Dragon Boat West 2010 Rankings

Out of 389 teams, LARD Black was ranked 15th, LARD Red was ranked 173rd.

Festivals / Regattas
Dash For Charity
Bill Alley Memorial Dragon Boat Regatta
FCRCC Spring Regatta
Dragon Zone Junior Regatta
Gorge Super Sprints
FCRCC Women's Regatta
Dragon Zone Regatta
Rio Tinto Alcan Dragon Boat Festival†

Rank Prev Team Name Division
1 1 FCRCC Mixed Mixed
2 2 Dragon Hearts Magnum Mixed
3 New Kai Ikaika Paddling Club Mixed
4 4 Masters of D'Zone Mixed
5 3 Dragon Hearts Ultimate Mixed
6 New Lotus Mixed Mixed
... ... ... ...
15 8 Los Angeles Racing Dragons Black Mixed
... ... ... ...
173 61 Los Angeles Racing Dragons Red Mixed

LARD Strong sponsored by Camelbak

by William Leung (Aug 20, 2010)


Camelbak Endorsements

Otto and Billy's reaction to the surprise sponsorship from Camelbak. You could say we were fairly impressed. *cue Zelda Treasure sound*

Our Gracious Donors

Phil: "Ack! Matt! Can you get your camera. I need documentation!"

Matthew: "okay!" . . . then I just shot whoever I could get -- not everyone turned around when I called their name, and others got their bottle and turned the other way.

Anyway, glad this was useful. - Matthew

Megan Yeh
Jesse Wong
Joshua & Dorothy Potter
Edgar & Kuniko Fukutaki
LA Pink Dragons
Cheryl Schmid and Jim Rablovsky
Jessica Lee
Scott Wu
Matthew Chin

Rawnsley Plastic Surgery Los Angeles

The 2010 LARD Team


Aileen C. Chu
Alicia Muller
Alison Wu
Andrea Wong
Betty Chang
Cathleen Kim
Cheryl Schmid
Cindy Spafford
Crystal Chen
Crystal Wang
Cynthia Caldera
Darlene Palaganas
Diane McCabe
Evelyn Lim
Gilda Soonthon
Ginger Neel
Huay Wee
Jane Chang
Jeannie Lin
Jessica Lee
Judy Ward
Karen Cheng
Karen Nguyen
Karen Wang
Kat Quinto
Lilly Chen
Lori Skelton
Margie Liaw
Megan Yeh
Meghan Potter
Mona Elsheikh
Patti Misischia
Sandy Yang
Sarah Elsheikh
Susan Foley
Suzanne Houston
Tabitha Huang
Takako Kimura
Vi Huynh
Vicki Craig
Yonnie Lam


Aaron Fong
Andy Chhean
Angel Garcia
Bill Ting
Brent Tambourine
Brian Solloway
Butch Lucero
Chris Caldera
Chuck Chang
Dan Toledo
Delwin Leung
Dennis Chhean
Doug Nyland
Eric Wong
Gregory Yee
James Banh
James Ralbovsky
Jason Cheng
Jason Wong
Jeffrey Chen
Jesse Wong
Joel Lumada
John Wong
Johnny Tambourine
Jorge Flor
Juan-Carlos Ruiz
Keith Kimura
Ken Leung
Ken Wang
Kenny Kim
Leon Cheng
Manny Caldera
Mark Feng
Matthew Chin
Mauricio Flor
Mike Lee
Nick Chekmizoff
Noel Villegas
Otto Jan
Patrick Ng
Paul Wu
Philip Sun
Richard Boucher
Richard Maher
Sam Kang
Scott Wu
Simon Chu
William Leung
William Lin
Willie Peng