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Lake Gregory - Aug 14

Squad Division Place
LARD 300m Mixed 1st (1:16)
LARD 1000m Pursuit 1st (5:47)

Dragon Boat Camp 2010

by Lori Skelton (Aug 16, 2010)

It was another great year at Dragon Boat Camp at Lake Gregory! Good times were had by all; some water sliding fun, paddling the tippy canoe, dance off's, birthday dunkings and a lot of laughs. Oh yeah, the paddling was pretty great too; LARD took 1st place in the Mixed Full Boat Division and 1st place in the 1000 Meter Pursuit Race. NICE! LARD demonstrated great sportsmanship and teamwork throughout. Here are the Detailed race results.

Thank you to everyone for their food contributions, we had quite a feast. A big thank you goes out to Vi for her master culinary 'cuing skills. Everything was delicious!

Now, it is time to gear up for San Francisco. Improve yourself, Improve your Team! GO LARD!


P.S. Stay tuned for Phil's footage. Can't wait!

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Lament the fall

by Kenny Kim (Aug 18, 2010)

So there I am -- holding Delwin's legs with Otto as we carefully carry him down to the lake. He was so calm about it. It was great. Plus he weighs almost nothing. And I know, I know. I reneged on my statement that I would no longer be dunking or be dunked. C'est la vie.

While I don't mind tossing people in the drink, the lake shore is very rocky and I didn't want to hurt Delwin, so Otto and I gently placed him in the water. If we were at Long Beach, I can assure you I would have made sure he would have seen hang time :)


The instant Delwin's butt touches the water - 0:16 - I know I've made a terrible mistake and I am in a vulnerable position as Phil walks closer to us and makes a valiant single handed attempt to pull me in - 0:21 - notice how Otto, oh so delicately helps with a nudge on my shoulder.

Otto slips from my grasp (0:23). He's fast. Both he and I know it. So I turn my efforts back to Phil and make a half hearted shove at him when I feel it. My back is to the shore. Oh shit.

0:27 I look up and I see Joel. He has the high ground and he is charging at me as fast as he can and behind him I see Jorge. Most LARDies run at this point. Fuck it. I crouched down to take the blow and 3 - almost here - 2 - I brace for impact - 1 - contact (0:30). I remember grabbing him and medicine ball tossing him behind me [looking at video footage, I threw him a bit hard, glad he didn't get hurt].

By the time I face the shore, Jorge is on me. I give him a spin and toss as well. The rest is a blur. I don't even know who was attacking me, but for a moment there -- just a moment -- I thought I had won my freedom. But someone knocked my left leg loose and I felt myself toppling over 0:37. And if you're curious, half my head went underwater and I had water in my ear, hence the jumping up and down afterwards.

Props to the new LARDies for charging in at me with little regard for life or limb. They didn't escape unscathed and neither did I. Stupid rocks.

I'm training hard. It won't be so easy next time.

Dance Baby, Dance!

by Alicia Muller (Aug 19, 2010)


Alicia M. from LARD versus Chriselle Lazo from AeroDragons

They were playing Michael Jackson's "Beat It," and I can't understand how anyone can't start moving to that beat. Apparently in the tent next to us a girl from Aerodragon thought the same thing and next thing we hear was people yelling 'dance off! dance off!'

We both turned around and looked at each other -- locked eyes and we knew.. it was on.

We didn't know each other, we had never met before, so it was cool to have a little dance and make a new friend from another DB team. The best things happen at Dragonboat Summer bootcamp, making friends on and off the water ;)

We're now facebook friends and are planning our next dance off :)

I've got the tats!

by Tabitha Huang (Aug 15, 2010)

I first heard about the Lake Gregory Race one day during mid-week training with Lori and the Irvine crew. She mentioned how fun this race was from pigging out on delicious food to the water slide, and of course racing. I was sold because to me good food and racing equals a good time. As soon as the Long Beach race ended I was excited for Lake Gregory, even though it is not a huge race like Long Beach or Treasure Island, a race is a race. You still have to put some effort into it.

I enjoy every aspect of the race environment. The only issue I had was waking up at 4:30 in the morning just to make it to the race site by 7:00. That was the hardest part aside from trying to squeeze into my PFD. I wasn’t sure what to expect from paddling in a higher elevation. But man, people weren’t kidding when they said their PFDs expanded. For a second there I thought I had been eating too much. Though its good knowing that it wasn’t just me and that everyone else on the team seemed to be having that issue of squeezing into their PFDs. I honestly did not expect to be a stroking on this boat with Alicia, but I’m glad I got the opportunity to stroke. Being up in the front and help keep the rate is such a different experience compared to paddling in the middle of the boat based on my previous racing experiences. Although the first two race pieces were 300 meters, the hardest part was trying to catch my breath. Paddling at higher elevations requires a lot more focus on the breathing. But it doesn’t matter because I still try to give it my best. The final race for the first place medal, I had still had that adrenaline in my system. The fact that it was all or nothing meant there was something on the line. That meant keeping a consistent rate that would help lead us to victory and it worked. The Pursuit Race was a challenge for me considering that I have never had do a turn in the race. Though the coolest part of the 1000 meters was actually passing a boat during our turn. It was tough because 1000 meters isn’t exactly a piece of cake in general. But doing it at a higher elevation, now that was something.

Photo by Tabitha

All in all I had an amazing time at this race. It was filled with memories of eating copious amounts of good food and just having a blast with my fellow teammates. Receiving the first place medal wasn’t too bad at all. It was my first medal won with LARD. So it will have lots of sentimental value. I’m just so happy to be a LARDie, this is my new dragonboat family.

Race info

The 4th Annual Dragon Boat Races are coming back to Lake Gregory Regional Park

San Bernardino County Regional Parks Dragon Boat Races will be held Saturday, August 14th at Lake Gregory Regional Park in Crestline. The race is a non-profit event, the money raised from this event funds youth programs at San Bernardino County Regional Parks.

Dragon Boat Races are an ancient Chinese tradition. The event was introduced to the mountain community of Crestline in 2007.

Deputy Director Maureen Snelgrove, with San Bernardino County Regional Parks, describes the event as a team sport.

This year even more teams are expected to paddle against one another as there will be two divisions of racing opportunities. Sixteen teams will square off beginning at 10:00 a.m. followed by another sixteen teams that will race in the early afternoon.

Registration is $5 per person, competitors must be at least eight years old. Registration forms are online at under Special Events. There is a $3 gate fee at Lake Gregory Regional Park, 24171 Lake Drive, in Crestline. The maximum capacity of each boat is 12 members.

People who want to compete will be placed on teams based upon availability. Those considering registering for a team are advised to call (909) 38-PARKS prior to 5:00 p.m. August 13th to determine openings.

On Sunday, August 15th, Lake Gregory will play host to professional Dragon Boat Racers. Races begin at 9:15 a.m. Gate fee is $3.

Questionable Green Water

by Delwin Leung (Aug 16, 2010)

Photo by William Leung

The race at Lake Gregory aka LARD’s summer dragonboat camp was definitely the most fun I’ve ever had at a race. With the lake about one mile above sea level, the lack of oxygen surely played a role in our performance; however, already briefed to forcefully exhale while paddling helped on the boat. Not only was breathing our problem, our inflated PFDs made us feel like we were being tightly bear-hugged.

My most memorable moments of this camp were:

- Paddling on a tipsy canoe

Save the camera!

- Dance-off between LARD’s very own Alicia and a member of the AeroDragons

- Birthday dunkings…not mine but Kenny fought mightily till the end.

- The plethora of food!

- Commercial spoofs…you just have to watch the videos to understand. Phil!

And to top it off, how can a summer camp be complete without water slides with questionable green water?

2010 Lake Gregory

by Scott Wu (Aug 16, 2010)

Panda Pow-wah!

LARD headed up to Lake Gregory last Sunday for the 2nd annual Lake Gregory dragon boat festival.

Despite numerous veteran LARD members opting not to participate in this race, I was still very impressed with how we raced. There were many newbie LARDies that earned their first medal of their dragon boat career.

What I found most interesting was that there were two final heats for the mixed division. One was for the silver medal – the team that won this heat won the silver medal. The next heat was for the gold medal. Whoever won that heat won the gold medal. It was great seeing the Dragonauts in the gold medal heat! Keep up the great coaching, Phil!


Besides dragon boating, there was tons of food, watersliding, birthday dunkings, danceoffs and video taping (Old Spice anyone?). A few of us paddled a 2-man canoe around the lake. The high/lowlight of the canoe paddling was the moronic dude that was trying to teach Chuck and I how to paddle a canoe and intentionally flipped the boat over – while Chuck and I were in the boat. Dude, leave us alone. We know how to paddle a boat.

It was great seeing Jeannie at the race even though she flew into LA the night before. She even brought a pizza – with meat!

The “fun” races of the season are now over. I hope everyone opts to go to practice the next few weekends as we prepare for the inevitably stiff competition in Shanghai and San Francisco.


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