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9th Annual Banquet @ Belmont Brewery (rain w/ cover)

Award Winner
Jack Ko Award Gilda S
Most Improved (veteran) Andrea Wong
Most Improved (novice) Betty Chang
Biggest Splasher Jesse Wong

TeamLARD and supporters,

This, our ninth season as the Los Angeles Racing Dragons, was our most successful season thus far. It was characterized by many things. Hard work, sweat, friendship, laughter, fun, teamwork, cheers, some disappointment, strive for improvement, desire, faith. These are just a small sample of the things we experienced this season. And these were some of the factors that affected outstanding results for us - internal improvement, external rewards in our placings and performance in Tempe, Vancouver, Long Beach, and finally in San Francisco.

Each of you have "brought something to the table" and have contributed to the team, in our races and our organization. Fellow coaches, directors, paddlers, friends, and family. I want to thank you all personally for your participation, for myself and behalf of the rest of your teammates.

As we go into the off-season, we want to encourage you to continue to come out. It will be a great time to bring out friends, as we will have much more time to work with new paddlers. Now that a lot of the pressures of preparing and training for races are absent, weekends can become a great way to catch up with the friends we've met on the team, all the while maintaining fitness.

This year was extremely special. But next year. Do you all know that next year will be a milestone for our team? It will be our 10th season!!! I would love to have all of you back to celebrate this milestone.

Thank you all again. The pictures shared online are only a small glimpse of the warm and wonderful memories you all helped to make for me this year.

In the meantime, see you all out on the water.



Chuck won the chicken in the white elephant exchange. Don't know who brought it but he still has it. (Will Lin)

Diane is getting flowers for what occassion? just for all her hard work i think. dunno if she won jack ko that year. or maybe she got flowers because she did a lot and didn't win jack ko?

Jason Will and Gary were given gift bags for being coaches. I think they all got stopwatches

Jesse wearing his Biggest Splasher award. Although as a splasher, isn't the rest of the team supposed to get the raincoat for protection?

Our Gracious Donors:

Nicholas Chekmizoff

Samuel Kang

Steve Chow

The 2006 LARD Team


Andrea Wong
Betty Chang
Carla Copeland
Cathleen Kim
Connie Chung
Courtney White
Denna Jung
Diane McCabe
Evelyn Wah
Gilda Soonthon
Huay Wee
Jacquelyn Watanabe
Karen Chan
Karen Cheng
Laura Sable
Lorena Yamamoto
Margaret Liaw
Megan Yeh
Nienchtze Teng
Pamela Nham
Sophie Tan
Susan Foley
Tiffany Wu
TK Kimura
Victoria Robles
Wendy Wright
Wynne Wong-Chen
Yonnie Lam


Aaron Fong
Anthony Yang
Arthur Yeh
Benjamin Eng
Chuck Chang
Dennis Chhean
Evan Minkoff
Gary Wang
Jason Wong
Jesse Wong
Jon Chhean
Mark Feng
Mark McDonough
Matthew Chin
Mike C. Lee
Nathaniel Chu
Nick Chekmizoff
Olaf Jaeckstein
Peter Lau
Richard Jr. Maher
Scott Wu
Seth Schopis
Steven Chow
William Lin
William Ting
Yang Hu