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6th Annual Beach Bike Ride: Oct 15

This banana's for you Jason.

At first when I heard about the bike ride I was a bit apprehensive since I hadn't ridden a bike in at least 15 years! But Leon, Arthur and Jason convinced that it would be fun and we could go at our own pace. And they promised lots of stop with snacks and breakfast at Dennys. So there you go, I was sold. My husband told me the only reason he was letting me go was because he knew I was safe with LARD!

I got up early and made it there on time and was pumped to go. I was a bit slow at first, but, Arthur stayed with me and encouraged me. I had to end up walking my bike up that hill to Dennys because my legs couldn't take it! Then at Dennys I ordered a huge stack of pancakes, everyone thought I was crazy because of the way I ate my pancakes (I eat them from the center out)! Never before had anyone brought my strange pancake quirk to my attention.

Well the story ends well, I finished the bike ride last but not least! The accomplishment of finishing something I never thought possible was worth my legs and butt hurting for an entire week!



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