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Squad Division Place
medal results
Peanut Butter Comp B 4th 1:19.04
Jelly Comp A 1st 1:11.40

This little piggie went to Lake Legg

Doug Nyland (12-06-2013)

This year I made it to the Spring race and missed the next 3 races due to ingrown toenail surgery, vacation and a broken toe. So I was thrilled to be sort of ready to join the team and get back in the boat for the LA Dragonboat Race! Legg Lake was a Peanut Butter and Jelly party! It felt more like a family picnic than a race day. We had a great time talking, eating, playing games, eating… a little racing in between. Manny grilled, we ate. Veterans and newbies alike, family and friends. As cliche as it sounds, it was a good team-building event to wind down the season. It's cool to see how many folks have completed their first season with LARD. Oh, yeah, wait, did I mention that we won 1st place in the finals to cover our entry fee for next year! Yeah, that happened.

During the off-season keep 2014 in your sights. Let's be fit and ready when Spring arrives, LARD!

Legg Lake

Manny F (12-08-2013)

As a newbie on this race, it was all I was told it would be: cooking n grilling and some fancy eating; and we ever managed to throw in a race or two in between. It was a nice, relaxed environment, awesome food and most of all, plenty of fun. Looking forward to next year’s.

Peanut Butter

Kenny Kim
Dolores Covarrubias
Manny Favela
Dan Gee
Jeannie Lin
Christopher Liu
Butch Lucero
Noel Villegas
Peggy Voong
Leon Cheng


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Karen Cheng
William Leung
Taylor Mar
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Sue Safianoff
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