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Lake Gregory Race | August 21

Squad Division Place
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1000m Pursuit 2nd

First Experience at Lake Gregory

Tyler Wang (September 5, 2011)


Lake Gregory Race is a very diverse group of people that enjoy dragon boat racing. We train hard, but have fun, on and off the water. The team has an enviable record. This is my first time to join in the Lake Gregory Race. When the racing is starting, I feel the whole boat like real dragon and powerful. It is so exciting when I follow with the timing. Timing is so beautiful. During this race I get the feeling this team is like a big family, we could talk and share food.

Can’t Breathe…

Patrick Ng (September 6, 2011)


Lake Gregory, as always, was a good, fun race that allowed our team to relax and enjoy each other’s company. Also it is the only race where we become a team of fatties from the feast of Kenny’s fajitas to Dennis inhaling the hummus to Andy’s BBQ hickory chicken. But no one ate my vegetable platter! Ya jerks. Lol.


As for the racing aspect, the paddlers had to deal with variables that they usually did not normally deal with from having new strokers every single race, sitting with teammates who were usually on different boats or rows, and of course, the high altitude. Despite the uncertainties that the team had to face, we progressively got better with each race and in the end, we even won the 2nd place trophy for the 1000m race. In addition to the races, we also had the water slide, which is always fun and frightening at the same time. Overall, this race was enjoyable and I got to bond with some teammates that I don’t normally talk to. I highly recommend this race for people who are thinking about going next year. Well off to San Francisco. See ya’ll there.



Jeannie Lin (September 7, 2011)


I love the mountains, but my body sure doesn’t. The Lake Gregory Dragonboat Festival aka Camptime took place once again in the lovely San Bernadino mountains and a crew of LARD campers were able to make the early morning trek, ready to paddle despite the lack of oxygen. Maybe it’s me getting old, as I don’t recall having altitude issues in the past, but sure enough, even before I put that swollen pfd on, my insides felt like they were in a hot air balloon, except my crispy skin wasn’t budging. Crispy fresh mountain air is nicer than smog though.


Leon started the day with a warmup, having us jog (gasp!) across the bridge to the other side of the lake. We had our start-of-day powwow, and then headed back to the tents to start eating racing. As usual, we had an array of munchies set up but nibbled knowing we had one of the first races of the day. After a respectable heat, the nibbling turned into a daylong chow down interspersed with the occasional race here and there. The Kenny had his taco stand open, Andy had his BBQ pit smoking away all day, countless delicious homemade goodies were brought in, snacks were overflowing, and Sheryl drove all the way to the Lake to deliver a mountain of fruit!

After a day’s worth of camp picnicking, chat, wordfeud, and races, the traditional waterslide-into-murky-pit is a must. Complete with team paparazzi ready to take something you’ll want to destroy later. This little rite of passage is always the perfect end to the camp day before taking things down for the caravans back home. We had a smaller crew than usual this year, but it was a respectable showing and part of what makes this team such a warm and fuzzy group. New and veteran paddlers came together for a day to enjoy a different venue and to bond over a low stress competition. While this was still a race, and we still proudly wore our jerseys, we knew this was a break from the usual training. Fun was had, but from here on, we all know we have business to do.

2011 lake gregoy 2nd (on white


Aaron Fong
Alex Kim
Andy Chhean
Chris Caldera
Delwin Leung
Dennis Chhean
Kenny H Kim
Leon H Cheng
Manny G. Caldera
Patrick Karho Ng
Paul Hung Wu
Peter Xiang
Richard Donald Boucher
Ryan Song
Tyler Wang
William C Ting


Cathleen P Kim
Cynthia Caldera
Jeannie Lin
Karen Cheng
Lori Skelton
Sue Houston