Season Kick-off BBQ


The new season begins this Saturday, a Kick-Off to 2006 to be celebrated with friends, family, and YOU, our team member who has contributed to an ever-growing, successful team.  Come on out and meet the new board, new captain, and new coach.  Get some sun, fun, and 'que.

Hope you all had a relaxing and fruitful off-season.  Now that it's past, let's get ready for a stellar NINTH season of LARD.  It begins immediately with the West Coast PDBA championships in March (Tempe, Arizona)!

Bring out your friends and family and introduce them to this new sport and this team, a great group of people.  On Saturday, we'll gear the practice towards welcoming new paddlers, with an introduction to the sport, some drills, and concluded with head-to-head racing!

See you all Saturday!


Hey folks,

The 2006 season is coming upon us. Here are a few announcements:

1) 2006 race schedule!!! Here it is.So start planning your summer schedules:

March 18 -19 Tempe ( I mixed team Tempe; 1 mixed team PDBA)

June 17-18 Vancouver

July 29-30 OR

Sept 9-10 or 16-17????  LONG BEACH (Date is still yet to be determined. We will let you know once the dates are set.) We will look for another tournament to fill the August void if the LB is moved to September.

Sept 23-24 San Francisco (2 mixed, 1 open, 1 womens)

2) With the beginning of the new season, please don't forget to pay your 2006 dues. It's $120 for one installment or 2 installments of $65 each. Please make the check payable to Los Angeles Racing Dragons and give it to Diane when you come to practice. (I hope that'll be often for everyone :)) You cannot participate in any tournaments unless you pay.

3) This Saturday is the Chinatown parade. Please sign up with Andrea or Diane if you are interested in participating. And there will be practice this Saturday morning also for those who wants to do some paddling. Since Arizona is not too far away, we are and will keep on ramping up practice intensity. People who come out Sundays can tell you how hard Coach Willie has been running practice.

4) First day of the season is February 11th, a week from Saturday. We also invite you all to bring out someone who would like to try out the sport. We will have a BBQ afterwards..

Ok, that's all I have for now. Thank you for your attention.


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