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Society of Women Engineers

Jessica Lee (April 25, 2011)


The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) is a professional technical affinity group. They have branches across the country and accept members from all engineering backgrounds regardless of gender (though most of the members are female). They try to guide college students as well as encourage technical compentency in younger students. Amongst the adult sections, they try to address the unique challenges that women have in the workplace, promote professional development, and have social events to encourage networking and life-work balance. That's where dragonboat comes in. We all know that exercise not only benefits the body but also the mind. We invited the Orange County SWE section out for a day on the water as a means to introduce the sport to more people.

On April 9th we had a nice treat: a group of women from the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) joined us to experience what dragonboating is all about! SWE promotes professional development and puts on social events to encourage networking and life-work balance. We gave them a good run for the “life” part of that balance, with a crash course on paddling from Leon, dragonboat practice, and then a LARD potluck. What better way to show a big friendly welcome to the sport than a potluck? We hope they had fun and hope to see them on the water soon!


Alicia Muller
Angel Garcia
Brian Solloway
Chris Chavez
Crystal Wang
Delwin Leung
Doug Nyland
Huay Wee
James Banh
Jason Cheng
Jeffrey Chen
Karen Cheng
Karen Wang
Kat Quinto
Keith Kimura
Kenny Kim
Lori Skelton
Mark Feng
Matt Najera
Megan Yeh
Nicholas Chekmizoff
Otto Jan
Philip Sun
Rich Maher
Scott Wu
William "Billy" Leung
William Ting

Society of Women Engineers

Yuh Jiun Tan
Kawthar Kasim
Arthur Barter
Aiping Kuang
Trish Cabrera
Kathy Adams
Hunter Adams
Jeannette Lindemann
Luis Lindemann
Kim O’Rourke
Vicki Gaston
Patricia Chung