Banquet: Grand Buffet (PVCA): Nov 16

PVCA banquet @ Upland buffet?

This year, the PVCA decided to throw our end of the year banquet at a Chinese Buffet Restaurant across from Upland High School (the founder's Alma Mater).

It was a simple dinner with the Long Beach tournament individualized trophies again.

After-party @ Brunswick Bowl

After the dinner, a bunch of us decided it was time to burn off some of those calories and walked across the parking lot to the local bowling alley. You know, the school actually had a bowling P.E. class. You would walk across the street, bowl a few frames, and walk back to school. Now, that's what I call a PE class. They even had a scuba diving class Kenny took advantage of -- but I digress -- the rest of the evening was full of flying balls and fun. What more could you ask for?

Team banquet @ Brazilian BBQ (in Pasadena?)

This year was our first move towards more structured banquets for the team. Oliver Lee decided it was time to introduce the rest of the team to his Brazilian roots and he chose a wonderful churrascaria for our end of year banquet.

I believe the restaurant was Porto Alegre in Pasadena. We dressed up a bit nicer than our usual shorts and t-shirts and had a wonderful night out. Leon made several custom awards for the team in glass and wood picture frames.

If you have one of these awards, please send the a note indicating what award you won.

LARD Roster


Chantha Seng
Courtney White
Han Pham
Joon Nam
Karen Cheng
Laura Messerschmitt
Lisa Hong
Rhodora Enriquez
Sharon Beall
Vi Huynh
Wileen Wong
Wynne Wong


Anthony Pinga
Arthur Yeh
Brentin Powels
Bryan B
Charles Chung
Chuck Chen
Cory Chhiap
Dennis Wang
Henry Kim
Joel Wong
Justin Powels
Kenny Kim
Kenny Phillips
Leon Cheng
Mark Feng
Max Kiert
Michael Nguyen
Mike Healey
Nick Wang
Phillip Olive
Richard Loy
Ryan Kim
Scott Wu
Scott Wu
William Lin
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