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8th Annual Banquet - Belmont Brewery

Award Winner
Jack Ko Award Steve Chow
Most Improved (veteran) Evelyn L
Most Improved (novice)
Most Spirited William Lin
Top Men's Erg Score
Best Wardrobe
Most Amazing Appetite Arthur Yeh
The Outstanding Leadership Award Huay Wee
Biggest Splasher Lilly Chen
Best Recruiter Gary Wang
Best Drinking Glow Wynne Wong
Best Dance Moves Courtney Chow

2005 moved the end of the year banquet to the Belmont Brewing Company. The BBC is a unique restaurant located at the beach at the foot of the Belmont Pier in Belmont Shore, Long Beach.

The Belmont Brewing Company opened in 1990 and is Southern California's oldest operating brewpub.

The 2005 LARD Team


Ranee Bose
Debbie Calderon
Karen Chan
Betty Chang
Lilly Chen
Karen Cheng
Connie Chung
Carla Copeland
Susan Foley
Kristin Funatsu
Ligun Hu
Stephanie Hu
Denna Jung
TK Kimura
Daryle Krier
Wileen Wong Kromhout
Yonnie Lam
Evelyn Lim
Diane McCabe
Shawn Morimoto
Pamela Nham
Tran Nham
Vicki Robles
Laura Sable
Gilda Soonthon
Nienchtze Teng
Evelyn Wah
Huay Wee
Courtney White
Andrea Wong
Wynne Wong-Cheng
Wendy Wright


Chuck Chang
Nick Chekmizoff
Jason Cheng
Leon Cheng
Andrew Chhean
Dennis Chhean
Matthew Chin
Steven Chow
Thanh Do
Mark Feng
Aaron Fong
Yang Hu
Olaf Jaeckstein
Samuel Kang
Kenny Kim
Greg Kromhout
Joe Kurihara
Peter Lau
Oliver Lee
William Lin
Henry Liu
Rich Maher
Evan Minkoff
Jason Ni
Michael Ni
Anthony Pinga
Bill Ting
George Toy
Gary Wang
Nick Wang
Jason Wong
Jesse Wong
Gene Wu
Scott Wu
Anthony Yang
Arthur Yeh