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13th Annual Treasure Island - Sept 20 & 21

My what big teeth you have!

Squad Division Place
Black Comp A Finals 4th (2:15.22)
Black Visitors’ Cup Championship 2nd (2:09.70)
Red Rec A Finals 4th (2:26.03)
Men Men’s Championship 1st (2:07.30)
Women Women’s Championship 5th (2:???)

The Last Run

Hey LARDmates,

Hope everyone had a safe trip home, and is recovering well from this past weekend. It was great hanging out with so many of y'all Sunday evening; just knowing that I didn't have to get up before 6 again yesterday was a relief!

For those teammates who had to catch an evening flight shortly after Sunday's final races, or hit the road even, I hope you were able to celebrate in your own way as well, either at the airport, somewhere on the 5, or once you got home.

We missed you all in 'closing out' TI as we gathered for team pictures and post-race comments, but I wanted to extend a huge CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU to every one of our teammates for a truly remarkable race weekend. (Rest assured, Phil will find a way to paste your mug into the team photo :-) )

To those who were unable to make this final tournament of '08, you should also be proud of preparing your team for a gutsy weekend of paddling.

Many of you who stayed through 'til yesterday are probably just settling into the new week, and if you're like me, poppin' some Vitamin I(buprofen) every now and then. But I sense a bit of disappointment, too, because our final races didn't end--at least on paper--the way we we felt was indicative of both our crews' final performances on Sunday.

From what I could see of Red's races throughout the weekend though, and how I felt as Black charged to the finish--separating from our competition in lanes 4 and 6 around us--I am very proud of what we accomplished in those finals.

All of you paddled with poise, power, and determination--everything the coaches have asked for--and I'm certain not a single one of you had anything left to give after crossing the finish line on your last races, whether it was on a mixed or gender boat.

As we've addressed in preparation for each race, placing has always been secondary to how we feel about our own performance on the water; given our lane assignments, we did what we could control and laid down a couple fantastic pieces. It was particularly heartening to see us congratulating the other teams afterwards on the dock as we switched up crews for the ensuing volunteers' race.

Reflecting not only on this past weekend, but our entire 11th race season, one that effectively started back in January as Scott had pointed out (!), I can hardly believe what we've been able to accomplish, and how much this team and its members have transformed within just one season.

HPC. Arizona. H. Alcan. P. Long Beach. C. tons of new paddlers. HPC. San Francisco. I'll save that speech and e-mail for later, but you get the idea.

It has been an amazing record-filled ride for this team, folks, and as others have mentioned, I'm also grateful to know such an amazing group of friends who I coincidentally paddle with. A huge thanks, too, to Diane, our every-race manager, and Betty and Steph, fellow LARD transplants to the Bay Area who were called into duty on short notice but eagerly sat in to paddle their hearts out with us.

Have a great week all, keep your heads up, and I look forward to seeing you guys again soon at Mother's Beach!!

Best, Jason

Race Footage


Mens Finals


Comp A Finals

Open 1st Place

Visiting Team Championship 2nd Place


Kat Quinto
Jessica Lee
Diane McCabe
Lori Skelton
Yonnie Lam
Tiffany Wu
Huay Wee
Lilly Chen
Megan Yeh
TK Kimura
Lorena Yamamoto
Jeannie Lin
Alison Wu
Karen Cheng
Crystal Chen
Cathleen Kim
Wynne Wong
Andrea Wong


William Lin
Phil Sun
Mike Lee
James Banh
Dennis Chhean
Bill Ting
Jason Cheng
Jason Tamborine
Andrew Chhean
Scott Wu
Leon Cheng
Brent Tamborine
Aaron Fong
Todd Zankich
Gary Wang
Todd O
Chuck Chang
Hugh Nguyen
Mark Feng
Nate Chu
Johnny Tamborine
Jeff Lee
Irving Lim
Clint Cruz
Dean Choi
Otto Jan
Nick Checkmizoff
Dan Toledo