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Baby Long Beach - May 14

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Mother's Day Local Race

Leon Cheng (May 15, 2006)

First off, thanks to all for your efforts yesterday.   I would like to quickly review our goals from yesterday's practice and assess our performance in regards tothose goals:

1 We wanted to familiarize all our new paddlers to the racing environment, and I am proud to see that all the new paddlers since season start were able to make the event.

 2 In addition to our new paddlers, we trained new race strokes and new tillers.  New race managers.  New directors for the season and a new coach.


 3 The previous 2 items are related to addressing this last, most important goal, and that goal is IMPROVEMENT.  On a season to season, practice to practice, and race to race basis, we are evaluating our performance based on improvement.  With new exposure to the race formats, more experience in races, we should be on track to represent well at our larger season races.

In reviewing the available roster for this weekend, where we were at since Tempe, and with Vancouver in the horizon, the coaches made conscious choices favoring overall team development versus placing.  We had communicated this to the team for quite a few weeks before, that this event was further training.  We tried new things.  Will, our #1 paddler at just over 200lbs, was a caller!

As for yesterday, we earned a spot in the finals in both 500 and 250 distances.  We did not place in the top 3 in these events.I know some of you were disappointed.  But placing is not the same as performance.  With regards to our overall goals, you all performed well.



Vancouver is now closer.  While we were able to field one boat for yesterday’s race, we were missing the majority of our veterans, many of you who are registered for Vancouver.  With erg testing next weekend, we are gearing up for formal and mandatory practices for the Vancouver crew. Your participation at the upcoming practices will determine your opportunities to paddle at this tournament.

Recognition: The entire crew for your hard work, attention, and focus on and off the boat.  Thanks for setting a good example, veteran and new, to the spirit and efforts that represent this team. TK, for her work with the children’s team, and courage in steering for ours. Gary, what boat did you not steer? Leaders, for the drinks, snacks, and organization Personal thanks to Will and Gary for running the event.
Let's get the party started, LARD!  See you next weekend.

Sunday's Races

William Lin (May 16, 2006)



There's lots of material flying back and forth, so i'll keep it short. First of all, watching you guys go at it is my reward for coaching. I thought you all did a great job this weekend.  And of all the things I've asked for from this race you guys were able to deliver. We knew going into these races that we we're up against some stiff competition. We ran our races, improved as the day went on, stuck to our programs and gave it everything we had. We're all still in training. And as I've said before, when we're in training, our success is measured by our effort. And please keep in mind the season just started. Our three biggest races of the year have yet to come. So let’s take this race and build from it (credit Dennis for that line). We’ve got a really competitive year ahead of us and the more we focus, train, and work, the better off we'll be.

I dont know about you, but this has motivated me to want to train harder. I hope it's done the same for you all. I'll refocus some of our practices on technique soon before ramping back up hard for the Vancouver races. Every little bit helps, but more is better. = )



Lilly Chen (May 16, 2006)

I've got the post race videos up!! Check it out here...


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TK's Tilling Debut

Jesse Wong (May 15, 2006)


Hi TK,

Thank you for having the courage to steer for us. Although the outcome was not as you expected, you still pulled through for us and got us across the finish line. Thank you. I think it was a good learning experience for you. This will be something you can always remember and laugh about in the future when you are a more experienced tiller.

The event also was a good learning experience for the team. It was fortunate this happened in this informal race event. I was really impressed with how the team handled the situation, especially the coaches Will and Gary and captain Chuck. I think Will really stepped up in getting the team back on track. Instead of giving up and whimpering back, he got us all to finish the race with dignity and heads high. I could hear the cheers along the beach as we continued the race and finished it as if we were still racing head-to-head. The team responded and you held it together to get us across the finish line.

So I think your attitude is the correct one. Instead of dwelling on what happened, you are learning from it and dedicating yourself to being successful at steering, just as you have done in everything else. You are an inspiration to all of us.


Dear LARD Coaches,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to steer in my first race, Heat 14, Seniors 500 Champions, Lane 4. As you all know, I was not able to complete the race.  I am not making any excuses.  I tried my best but was unable to control the boat. I learned some very important lessons and gained invaluable experience, the "hard way".

I have not lost my desire, nor my confidence, be able to steer in a race.


I hope you will give me more opportunities to continue my education. I think my fellow paddlers were far more concerned about my feelings then I was.  I was definitely frustrated but I was able to deal with it.  It wasn't until some people came up to me and wouldn't stop hugging me that I started to think that maybe I should feel worse about myself.  We have some very warm and compassionate members. Hey, I messed up and I want to work on my weaknesses.  I've survived more difficult physical challenges (Mt. Aconcagua -- 22, 084 ').  I have survived this race.