Las Vegas | May 17-18

Squad Division Place
Overall 1st

In 2003, the team headed to Lake Las Vegas, a man-made lake resort, Nev, about 45 minutes east of Las Vegas. The area was anchored by a Ritz-Carlton hotel that opened up that same year. So much of the area was still under development. That hotel has since closed.

Most of the team stayed at the Aladdin hotel on the Las Vegas strip. That hotel is now the Planet Hollywood Las Vegas.

The race site was very windy. During practice race, we had a big difference in time in going with the wind versus going against the wind. The race was not well-organized and minimal accomadations and considerations given to the participating teams.

-Matthew (2010)

The team traveled to a new race venue this year, Las Vegas. Why? Because, it's Vegas. It was a one day race and we used it as an excuse to go...

We also had a bachelor and bachelorette party for Weon whose wedding was the following week (May 2003)

It was Hot as all hell plus the race was made of only local teams, which at that time was like, us, uh...NAC?, I don't even think the guppies went. Suffice it to say, we won everything. By a lot.

The race organization: Don't think the lanes were straight... it was FMG running the race (think Tempe). So yeah, you can make your own conclusions on that one.

A funny tidbit was that Wynne didn't want to get super dark or have any weird tan lines for her wedding so she slathered herself in sunscreen and kept a towel draped over her head the whole time. Race was held on the waterway/canal in the Ritz Villa. Nice covered breezeway over the canal where you could watch the boats finish. Lots of people went there for cover. Swanky. Used the Ritz lobby bathrooms instead of portapotties. All class, all the way. (Just in our uniforms and stinky). Oh and Ellen Law steered for us.

Karen Cheng (2010)


Karen Cheng
Wileen Wong
Andrea Wong
Evelyn Wah
Wynne Wong
Courtney White


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