Red Bull Tournament Sunday, October 6, 2002

Please note: This is a great Public Relations opportunity for LARD. Though we have listed the minimum number of volunteers requested by Dr. Chen, everyone needs to participate as Dragon Boat “Ambassadors." Let’s show the VIPS what a class act we are. GO TEAM LARD!

Set-up ( min of 2 people needed)
1. William 2. Diane 3. Any one else who shows up

Begin Coaching VIP teams (8 coaches, 4 steerspersons needed) ' Assistants Greg Huay Wileen Nick Steve
Coaches 1. Leon Jason . William Kenny K . Courtney Mark . Anthony . Henry
Steerspersons 1. Eddy 2. Henry Leon Jason

VIP Team Check-In/Captain Meeting

11:00 AM
Professional Demo (LARD vs Guppies)

12:00 Noon
Rounds 1 Begins (4 total rounds)
Coaches and Steersperson participate
Awards Ceremony

1:00 PM Barbeque

This is the tournament I destroyed my right shoulder. It was a combination of moving the boats with my truck, and lifting them on top of paddling that afternoon. It was sore but what really killed it was that I assumed it was muscle soreness, not tendon injury as I had never injured a tendon before I didn't know how serious a problem it could develop into.

For the next month I continued to lift heavy as I always did and I continued to try to teach and write on the whiteboards. Eventually, the pain got so bad I could no longer even lift my arm more than a few inches. It took months of training to reduce the pain to where I could work again and years before I could paddle somewhere close to the level I used to be able to.

-Kenny (2010)

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