PVCA Banquet @ Eddie Liu's House: August 19

Worst haircut. Ever.

The end of the year banquet was split into two events. The first event was the PVCA dinner or barbeque where we would receive our individual trophies from the Long Beach race. Dr. Chen wanting to make the experience as unique as possible went through a tremendous amount of work by providing individually labeled trophies (not medals) for the winning teams.

We would typically wait until the end of the year PVCA banquet to distribute them to the team and eat ridiculous amounts of food. This year, the event was hosted by Eddie Liu in his backyard with barbecue and all the fixings.

When we had a larger trophy it would normally go PVCA as a gesture of gratitude for sponsoring the team.

No. LARDies never grow up.

As the third year of our banquet, this marked a special year for the team. It was the year that the team name was born. It was the year that our website became a part of the team public image and LARD became teamLARD.

It was our first year racing in a different country and Vancouver truly showed us how much more we needed to learn. It was classic big fish little pond. And Long Beach while a little pond these first years, was not to remain so for long as both the festival organizers and the local teams spent countless hours growing and improving themselves for the following year.

But this barbecue itself was a fun event and a classic LARD event. Laid back with good food hanging out with our good friends and family.

Kenny (2010)

Yes, Wynne it's yours.

Leon takes our big trophy.

Korean BBQ

Is it a classroom or a banquet?

Because one backyard barbeque wasn't enough, the team headed out afterwards (not the same day, we're not that gluttonous) to Korean BBQ.

This event we distributed trophies from Long Beach for those unable to attend the PVCA BBQ at Eddie Liu's. We also received our Foster City Recreational Division II 1st place medals.

While members who have joined later in the team's history might not quite understand why we have such huge grins plastered on our faces. This was the third year we attended the California Dragon Boat Assocation CDBA festival in San Francisco and the first where we returned victorious. The previous years were enjoyable but we did not return triumphant in those freshman years. Now. Now things would change. Maybe its the haze of memories clouding my judgement, but i truly believe those of us who received our CORE patches that year understood that this medal was more than just a symbol of a race victory. It was the first of what was to be many milestones as our team transformed itself from a purely recreational team into a larger corporation with competitive and recereational divisions.

And Leon's father was there to show us how to be a kind and gracious host. It was always a pleasure to be the sixth wheel in the Cheng Family and I cherish those moments when they allowed me to be a part of their family.

Kenny (2010)


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