A boy and his dog.

If you have experienced the 2006-2010 era fitness test, you've missed out. Back in the day we used to "test" using a variety of torture trials. One trial was to time how fast you could paddle the tank by yourself. Here we see Leon in his typical bad-ass form with a most lively mascot. [he never jumped in, but it sure looked like he wanted to]

We also had some serious dunkings. Here we see Emory single handedly fireman carrying Karen Cheng several hundred feet into the pristine Long Beach waters for her requisite dunking.

Kenny (2010)

Go-cart revolution!

Dance, baby, dance!

When there are only 25 people on the team, it was much easier to coordinate evening activities for the whole group. This year we headed to Speedzone in the City of Industry.

Speedzone is a "family" center with food, video games, a drag strip, and several different tracks for go-carts. It was quite a fun night. Note the extra power Leon gets by using the panting dog technique in Dance Dance Revolution.

[I never understood the appeal of this game]

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