San Francisco: Aug 27 - 28

Squad Division Place
Black Comp A Championship 5th (2:13.34)
Red Comp B Consolation 1st (2:21.96)
Visiting Cup Championship 2nd (2:15.21)
Pink Rec B Championship 6th (3:00.56)
Pink 300M Survivor Cup Championship 2nd (1:49.80)

Team LARD -

Congrats to the SF2005 crew for the awesome performance in Comp A and Comp B divisions.  I'm sure the coaches will have more to say, but thank you all for a great end to this momentous season.  It's been a pleasure and a privilege to be your captain.  Just wanted to get this out before I waddle off to work and explain why I'm stretching in my little cubicle.

Stay tuned for complete recaps and upcoming news for the team!

Steven Chow

Team Co-Captain, 2005 Race Season

Ok, I guess it's time for me to put in my 2 cents...

Everyone already knows how we fared in SF, great job guys and gals! This goes to show that all the hardwork we've put in this season, from the faster stroke rate to starting practice early, didn't go to waste. It has been a very fun and exciting season. I feel very lucky to be paddling with such a great group of people. This is only my second year with LARD, yet you are willing to entrust me such an important position. So I thank you all for that.

One last administrative task before I end this email. Who wants to practice this weekend? If there are more than 8 willing paddlers and a steer, it can happen. So, please let me know if you are interested. And yes, I do have a lot of the carbon fiber paddles in my possession. But unfortunately, I don't believe I will be able to make practice this weekend. We can always arrange a drop off outside of practice if you desparately want your baby back. :)


Enter the Dragon by Vanessa Hua

San Francisco Chronicle Aug 26, 2005

reprinted without permission


A week later.  Hopefully you have all fully recovered - your voices, muscles, from over-excitement...  I came back from SF and was hit with a huge work deadline (with Greg), hence the late message.  But, I did get a chance to read some of your wonderful comments.

What a great season!  In the spirit of thankfulness, I want to extend a heartfelt thanks to all of you on the team.  You have all contributed to this team.  This season, we were fortunate to be blessed with an exceptional group of captains, Steve and Chuck, a hardworking and expanded staff of coaches, and a diligent administration headed by Diane.  As important are the veterans we were able to retain this season (what better way to maintain and build on the strength of the team than through veterans), and the numerous new paddlers who jumped aboard our boat and quickly became close friends.  Thanks additionally to those many friends, family, and alumni; it is great to see you all and have you on our side.

In practice, we often endure a lot of suffering, a lot of sweat, some tears.  So why do we do it?  I think it's for each other.  The feeling of triumph, not necessarily winning, but of running a perfect race, is undescribable.  As is the support we receive from one another.

SO, WHO'S UP FOR MORE SUFFERING?  Maybe a little less as we go into the off-season.  We are more flexible in our schedule now to do some outside activities together.  Some preview events include paintball (organized by Connie, who by the way, is a master beatboxer!), team bike ride, garage sale, Oktoberfest (for our over 21 paddlers), river rafting?, end of the year banquet, Christmas parade?, etc.  Any suggestions and offers to help organize will not be turned down.  Now is a great time to bring out new paddlers and ease them into the sport.  We have time to teach technique, videotape, etc.  Let's take the momentum from this season and prepare for an even better one next.  So, come on out!  Practice both days, as usual.

Thanks again for giving us OUR best season ever!

See you all out on the water,


Paddler's Corner: Mike Lee

How did you get started with dragon boat racing?

Mike: I joined "Yo Mama's Rowing Crew" the summer of 2002. This was a team consisting of kids from Whitney High School and we were rivals with Kennedy and Cerritos High. As the years passed, we found that as most of the paddlers on each team went to college it became harder and harder to field an entire team. We decided to combine all 3 teams into "Yo Mama's Party Cow" and raced for a few years. I took a break because I went off to UC Riverside without a car to go back and forth for practice.

How did you find out about LARD?

Mike: I knew about LARD from just paddling with Yo Mama's (Whitney) and I saw LARD at both the Long Beach Race as well as at practices. I distinctly remember Jason and Leon both trying to teach our team the correct paddling stroke explaining why we don't want to pull too far back or else we're pulling the boat down into the water.

Why did you join the team?

Mike: They're faster than us and I want to be fast too. I remember Leon especially taking the extra effort to thank the 'newbies' and complimenting us. I just felt very welcomed...

What was your first race experience with the team?

It was San Francisco 2005. I remember it was very different. Everyone seemed much more committed to racing when compared to Yo Mama's when people just showed up for fun. Different mentalities and reasons for doing it I suppose. I was on Red in my first race with LARD. Bench 10 with Herman! I distinctly remember Dennis Chhean being a stroke of that boat! It was odd for me because I always had the mentality that you want someone small up front! But beyond that, a lot of it was a blur because I hung out mostly with SoCow - previously Yo Mama's outside of the race.

Any fond memories now that you've been with the team a few years?

Mike: Winning the Competitive A Division at the San Francisco 2009 race ... paddling/fighting in G&G (Guts & Glory, a 2000m race) in vancouver2009 ... yea 2009 had a bunch of fun races/memories

Mike Lee (Aug 2010)


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