Aidswalk: Aug 4th

No, they are not laughing with you.

In keeping with our Mission Statement, the team often participates in community activities to promote health and well-being. The AIDS Walk in 2002 was one such event.

Participants take on the challenge of raising funds for the AIDS Walk by asking friends, family members, co-workers, and neighbors to sponsor them for the 10 kilometers they will be walking.

AIDS Walk Los Angeles begins and ends at San Vicente Boulevard, between Melrose Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevard, in West Hollywood. The 10k (6.2-mile) route passes through the streets of West Hollywood and Los Angeles.


Andrea Wong
Courtney White
Huay Wee
Karen Cheng
Lisa Feng
Wileen Wong
Wynne Wong
Yonnie Lam


Greg Kromhout
Henry Kim
Leon Cheng
Rodrigo Campos
Steven Chow
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