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Baby Long Beach - May 3

Squad Division Place
Black 200m 2nd
under research 1st

Hello Paddlers,

Just to give you an idea of the schedule, I have attached a file with our Sunday schedule. You will see your seed race time and semi race time, depending on placement. R1 / B4 would be Red placed first in seed and Black placed 4th... For the Final, the teams that take 1st in each Heat listed with corresponding lane placement. It's a quick summary. (BYW, I'll get the Subways early and put them in a cooler so you can grab them when you get a break.)


Video Interlude


Here comes the LARD

I just want to say THANKS to everybody for all the encouragement and support today at the race!!! I had never been involved in any kind of sports competition EVER, so I was very nervous! For my first race, I had TONS of fun!! I am definitely looking forward to Vancover! You guys are great!




Lorena Yamamoto
Jeannie Lin
Lilly Chen
Crystal Wang
Yonnie Lam
Wynne Wong
Karen Cheng
Lori Skelton
Susan Foley
Otto Jan
Johnny Tamborine
Mike Lee
Chuck Chang
Aaron Fong
James Banh
Kenny Kim
Jesse Wong
Andrew Chhean
Morris Chen
Scott Wu
Dennis Chhean
Nick Checkmizoff


Gilda Soonthon
Karen Wang
Kat Quinto
Darlene Palaganas
Cathleen Kim
Meghan Potter
Alison Wu
Vicki Robles
Jonathan Hung
Tony Yang
Jonathan Huynh
Brent Tamborine
Dan Toledo
Hugh Nguyen
Jeff Lee
Bill Ting
James Rablovsky
Willie Peng
Leon Cheng
Ken Wang