1st Annual Bike Ride: Aug 4th

Okay, so I look like a dweeb with the helmet on, but who doesn't? I just made it worse by trying to rock out with my cd player. I used to ride my bike all the time -- when I was in elementary school. I would ride up and down the hill by my house for hours at a time. And then, for some reason, I just stopped. It had been at least 8 years since I'd put my butt on a bike but there's that saying right? "It's just like riding a bicycle."

Well let me tell you a truth. It's a load. Okay, well not completely untrue, but misleading. Yes, I could still go straight. Yes, I could kind of turn. No, I couldn't shift gears worth crap and I was soon to learn I definitely did NOT have the butt endurance for a ride of this length.

When I was a youngun I remember fiddling with my bike seat a little, but as long as my feet could touch, I never really thought about what it meant to have a properly adjusted seat.

But, I'm jumping ahead in the story. We started at Pioneer Junior High. It was the school Leon and several others went to (I was stuck going to Upland Junior High and a Seventh Day Adventist private school - don't ask). It was way too early, but we wanted to make it back at a reasonable time so we all mustered up at the crack of dawn, geared up and started our leisurely ride out of Upland.

Leon assured me that most of the ride was downhill and that even a novice like me would be able to finish it no problem-o.

I gotta say, I looooove going downhill. Going down Benson was so fun, all I could think was if the rest of the ride is like this, this is going to be the BEST ride ever!

We headed west through Pomona. It was a little sketchy but it was so early not that many people were up. We passed some little donut store but no one was really hungry yet. By the time we hit Diamond Bar, we were pretty ravenous and we all stopped by the Denny's for some breakfast. I think I had the Moon's over My Hammy - yup, the breakfast of champions.

So far so good. No one injured. I think there might have been a flat tire or two, but no big deal, we had my truck running support duties.

We stopped for lunch at Leo Park and it was grand. By this time, my legs were killing me. Yes, most of the ride was downhill. But, there's always a but, he failed to mention a 5,000 mile 60 degree incline in Diamond Bar. Okay, not 5,000 miles, but it was a really really BIG hill.

The last leg of the ride was both beautiful and butt-wrenching. The hills are murder on your legs. But the taste of salt air drives you forward. The finish line is near.

While I complained bitterly about my butt, it was a fantastic ride. In fact I did it again the following year. The hardest part of the ride -- Dropping off all the rentals: the bike, the trailer, and driving all the way back to Upland to clean up and get dinner at Steer-n-Stein.



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