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12th Annual Banquet @ The Grand, Long Beach - Nov 14

The Grand at Long Beach

Award Winner
Jack Ko Award Phil S
Most Improved (veteran) Alison W
Most Improved (novice) Aileen C
Most Spirited Crystal W
Most Inspirational Scott W
MVP Lorena Y
Best Hair Aaron F
Biggest Eater Jeff C
Mr. Congeniality Mark F
Ms. Congeniality Lorena Y
Latest Jeff C
Biggest Facebooker Scott W
Biggest Splasher Hugh N
Best Sportsmanship Bill T

The elegant women of LARD

The uhh *mumble* men of LARD

Gnomie the LARD Gnome

Being my first time organizing the banquet I was a bit worried. Remembering that time was an issue last year, I wanted to have the agenda done orderly where we would stay on time and not fall behind.

Last year, I felt we rushed out of the room and didn't get to say our goodbyes. I am thankful to have Andrea, Cheryl, Lorena and Jessica to help with the banquet.

Assigning each person to have a task allowed me to work out an agenda where everyone can agree on. Jason and Karen did a great job for the first time volunteering to be the MC's that night. This year I added additional awards to give to our boards, coaches and captains.I was surprised that Lorena made one for me since I wasn't expecting anything, but to have the banquet go smoothly.

The fun part of the night was funny how Will and Kenny both won the BJ's gift cards and how Nick went to claim his prize. Jim had everyone think he won the second raffle and how loud James was when Kat won. Then there is Greg who is a great singer who was able to perform for us again.

One of the most memorable part of the banquet would be Phil's video. He always has something new to show us each year and it definitely shows how much he puts into his work. Toward the end of the banquet, I was surprise that we had lots of time left where my back up plan was to have Leon do a closing of the night. Afterward there was enough time for everyone to mingle the rest of the night and say their goodbyes...mostly to Lorena :(. We will miss you!

- Cathleen

The 2009 year also saw the introduction of an all new practice jersey design by our own in-house design guru - Leon. This practice jersey was an instant hit with many who missed the order mewling over their loss.

Kenny and All,

See final design that was forwarded to EFX Design a couple of weeks ago. The image attached is the most current. It includes the front and back. The final image is much cleaner and attempts to address most of comments received.

Thanks for getting the notice out and for all of your comments. Much appreciated.


Dragon Boat West 2009 Rankings

Out of 396 teams, LARD Black was ranked 10th and Red 51st. LARD only attended two† festivals in the circuit and is one of the few non Canadian teams placing that high in the rankings.

Festivals / Regattas
Dash For Charity
FCRCC Spring Regatta
Bill Alley / Lotus Regatta
Gorge Super Sprints
Dragonzone Regatta
Rio Tinto Alcan Festival †
Nanaimo Paddlefest
Whistler Dragonboat Festival
Nanaimo Dragonboat Festival
Richmond Dragonboat Festival
Harrison Dragonfest
Gorge Fest
Victoria Dragonboat Festival
Vernon Dragonboat Festival
Penticton Dragonboat Festival
Portland Dragonboat Race †
Kelowna Dragon boat Festival

Rank Prev Team Name Division
1 1 FCRCC Team Canada Mixed
2 2 Kai Ikaika Paddling Club Mixed
3 3 FCRCC Mixed Mixed
4 6 Masters of D'Zone Mixed
5 4 Dragon Hearts Magnum Mixed
6 5 Pacific Reach Mixed
7 7 Laoyam Baldies Mixed
8 8 Sudden Impact Black Mixed
9 9 Air Canada Jetstart Mixed
10 10 Los Angeles Racing Dragons Black Mixed
... ... ... ...
51 76 Los Angeles Racing Dragons Red Mixed

Our gracious donors:

Aaron Fong
Arthur CK Yeh Memorial
Ellen Lee
Gilda Soonthon
Jason Cheng
Jessica Lee
Jesse Wong
Mr. & Mrs. Chih-haw Chang
Philip Sun
Sam & Wanda Chen
Team Mom

Companies / Organizations

Trivium Paddles
Chinese American Outdoor Club
Scott D Wu, Attorney at Law
Dr. Wu's Accuracy Clinic

The spoils of war.

The 2009 LARD Team


Andrea Wong
Betty Chang
Cai Zeng
Cathleen Kim
Claire Macaraeg
Crystal Chen
Darlene Palaganas
Diane McCabe
Huay Wee
Jane Chang
Janna L Fong
Jeannie Lin
Jessica Lee
Jilly Chang
Karen Cheng
Kat Quinto
Lilly Chen
Lisa Zhao
Lorena Yamamoto
Lori Skelton
Margaret Liaw
Megan Yeh
Meghan Potter
Rouhina Mehregan
Susan Foley
Teresa Chang
TK Kimura
Vickie Robles
Yonnie Lam


Aaron Fong
Andy Chhean
Anthony Yang
Brent Tambourine
Chuck Chang
Daniel Toledo
Dennis Chhean
Gary Wang
Hugh Nguyen
Jason R. Tambourine
Jeffrey Chen
Jesse Wong
James Banh
Jonathan Tambourine
Jonathan S Huynh
Kenny Kim
Leon Cheng
Mark Feng
Matthew Chin
Mike Lee
Nathaniel Chu
Nicholas Chekmizoff
Nickolas Yee
Otto Jan
Philip Sun
Richard J Maher
Steve Chung
Todd Okamoto
Todd Zankich
William Lin
William Ting
Willie Peng
Yang Hu