Backyard BBQ - Kenny's House: Nov 12

Members and prospective members (please bring anyone interested)

We will be holding a BBQ/Potluck this Sunday at Kenny's house in upland. We will be handing out individual trophies for those who participated in the last summer's Long Beach Tournament. Also, we will be discussing the upcoming year-round dragon boat club. This will be a club for us and run by us, so we will be discussing/choosing people to be in charge of finance, equipment, schedule, etc.

The Club will be an informal gathering of dragon boat enthusiasts and will consist of one one-hour practice each week (most likely Sunday at 10am). For those who don't know about dragon boat, come on out and find out. . . Be prepared to being a checkbook or $40 in cash as the annual memberhips is $10 and you will need to purchase your own paddles ($30 for really nice Grey Owl wood paddles). Also, if you need a life vest, they can be ordered for $13.



Julieanne Chiang
Sue-Meng Lau
Wileen Wong
Wynne Wong


Jason Cheng
Leon Cheng
Henry Chiang
Tim Chinen
Charles Chung
Matt D'Agostino
John Dang
Thomas Havel
Michael Healey
Jon Kaplan
Max Kiert
Kenny Kim
Pat Kouwabunpat
Greg Kromhout
Jeff Lee
Jonathan Lin
Alex Liu
Toan Nguyen
Michael Wang
Tuan Ha
William Kuan
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