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IDBF Boat Standard

What is dragonboat?

A dragon boat is essentially a 40 foot canoe that accommodates 20 paddlers (2 per row), a drummer and a steersman. The dragon head and tail are used for races and festivals.

The International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF) has developed two models of the International Racing Dragon Boat (IRDB). The Standard Model 1222, designed for a crew of 22 people maximum and is approximately 38'10" (12m) in length, 3'6" wide and 17" deep. The Small Model 912 is designed for crews of 12 or less is approximately at 29'6" (9m) in length.

What is the difference between rowing and paddling?

Rowing describes any water oar that is attached to the gunnel with an oarlock. Paddling uses a paddle that is not attached to the boat in any manner.

IDBF Boat Standard

What is a dragon boat paddle?

The front and back views of the paddle shall be identical as shall the view from either side of the paddle. Its minimum length shall be 105cm and its maximum length 130cm. The Blade width shall 41" to ~51"

What is LARD?

In 1996 there was a group of parents and their children from the Pomona Valley Chinese Association. Placing 3rd overall at the 1st Annual Viewsonic Long Beach International Dragon Boat Festival sparked an interest in the group to grow and start an official racing team, the Los Angeles Racing Dragons.

The LA Racing Dragons is comprised of people from a range of ages, occupations, and backgrounds. We share a common passion for the sport, desire to see the team continue to improve, and an interest to promote dragon boat racing.

Our annual race circuit includes competitions in Long Beach, Tempe, San Francisco, and Vancouver. Individuals from LARD have also participated in composite teams for tournaments abroad.

In 2003, LARD was approved for 501(c)(3) Federal Non-Profit Status and helped found the Los Angeles Pink Dragons (LAPD), an all breast cancer survivor crew - officially joining the organization in 2004.

In the past few years, LARD has established itself as the premier Los Angeles area dragon boat team and has gone head to head against world class teams in regional competition, earning the respect of our peers all over North America.

Where do you practice?

Details can be found on our practice page.

What do I need?

As this is a water sport, chances are you'll be getting off the boat with a little extra water weight clinging to your clothes. It is advised that paddlers dress in comfortable attire suitable for water sports.

Some other items include:

team spirit

How do I join the team?

No tryouts are required! You are welcome to paddle with the team for 3 practices until you decide whether or not you want to join LARD. After paying membership dues, you will then be added to the team mailing list and team roster. Dues can be paid to any of the board members or captains. Dues are $150 for the year.

What do my dues cover?

The dues cover boat rentals, race registration fees, boat maintenance, the purchase of team equipment, and liability insurance for paddlers.

How much will equipment cost?

Because there is no standard equipment that is required for the sport, the costs will depend entirely on the quality and quantity of equipment you would like to purchase. Basic equipment purchases are a wood paddle for approximately $45 and a life vest for approximately $80. Both items are available through contacts within the team.

How good are you guys?

LARD consists of both highly competitive paddlers and purely recreational paddlers. Due to this composition, we enter both competitive and recreational teams into races. Final results vary but LARD consistently comes out in the top tiers of both divisions.

Can I just show up whenever I'm ready to try it out?

Yes! Please check our practice schedule to find our next practice time and location.

Is it possible to get a parking pass instead of paying the meter?

Permits for Mother's Beach are available online at https://www.thepermitstore.com - Mother's Beach is listed as "Marina Park" - cost is $140 for a 12-month pass and is valid between 8AM and 6PM only.

What is the privacy policy for the website?

We will never release your personal information to anyone for any reason. Ever. All passwords are encrypted and all personal information is stored securely.

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