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10th Annual Banquet @ Holiday Inn, San Pedro - Feb 16, 2008


Award Winner
Jack Ko Award Scott Wu
Most Improved (veteran) Dennis Chhean
Most Improved (novice) Steve Chung
Most Spirited Lori Skelton
Most Inspirational Leon Cheng
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Ms. Congeniality
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Best Sportsmanship

In the last year of Jordan's career with the Chicago Bulls, Will Smith's hot tune, "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It" was on the airwaves, before iPods, LARD was founded.

To celebrate the 10th year, we're going back to '98. That's right. New versions of the very first "jersey" (really just T-shirts) are coming hot off the presses, just in time for Long Beach! These commemorative old school-inspired shirts will be available through the hard work of Jason, with his Bay Area connections. He will be sending an e-mail shortly with details and to confirm orders, sizes, and amounts.


Ten Year Anniversary T-shirt

To all past and present members, family and friends of TeamLARD,

Welcome to our 10th Anniversary Banquet!

TeamLARD's journey to this point has been the stuff of urban legends. Having joined only a few years ago, I've been regaled with stories of paddles broken by passion, tears cried out of happiness, anger from wanting to paddle just 20 more meters for the win, single people who have transformed into family people, and endless "remember that dinner?" stories. What an adventure 10 years can bring.

There is no doubt that TeamLARD's spirit runs in my blood. How could it not? It is truly a team that can transform lives. It has mine. I've been blessed to practice with, race with, and work-in partnership with some really talented people. We come from all over, literally and figuratively! Driving in from as far as an hour away, we span the gamut of careers....teachers, architects, engineers, students (yes, that is a career for some!), doctors, and other fancy jobs. There is no where else in my life where such a diverse group of people come together and perform as one.

Time and again, the open hearts and fun-loving spirit of the team have touched me.

We do things everyday that have the potential to impact another's life. TeamLARD is no exception. We are fortunate to be partners with the Los Angeles Pink Dragons, who educate us and humble us with their continuous strength. We have Coaches who work tirelessly to transform us from average to superior. We’re overseen by loving Captains who ensure all the LARD ducks follow in a row. We have a Board of Directors that works silently in the background to ensure that the team can get to do what it wants (race!) and to also provide the infrastructure to be members of our dragonboat community.

When I think back to the summer months spent doing deep squats, marathon laps, and mental exercises, it's a journey that not only makes me smile (and cringe) but also warms my heart. My friends wonder why I am silly enough to wake up early every weekend only to be told to do endless hit drills. Truth is, I can't figure it out either - TeamLARD just runs in my blood.

As my tenure as a Board Member ends this year, I have no doubt in my mind the spirit of the team will live on for many years to come. The camaraderie can be addictive. The racing propels us to new heights. But the love we develop for one another to be better than we thought we could be - is unparalleled.

Here's to many more fantastic seasons TeamLARD!

Gilda Soonthon

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Mark Feng
John S. McCabe
William Ting
Scott D. Wu
Anthony Yang


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