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Baby Avy


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Baby Avy

by Jessica Lee (Oct 31, 2010)

Halfway through 2010, the team waited expectantly for the heir to the Cheng tradition. "Papa LARD" Leon and Wynne welcomed the arrival of their first child, a baby girl they named Avy.

Unfortunately, due to unexpected complications, Avy was delivered by emergency Cesarean and couldn't come home for over a month. This month went by slowly and was hard on everyone. The team was anxious for any news about Avy, Leon and Wynne. It pained us to know that anyone in our LARD family was in pain, powerless to help. Or so we thought. We aren't baby specialists, but we are specialists in bringing smiles to each other's faces.

Phil came up with a crazily ingenious idea. We would make a scrapbook for baby Avy and Phil would document the creative process. This book was to be our contribution to Avy's struggle. We could cheer Avy on and tell her how great her parents were and how much much they (and the team) mean to us. We could share happy memories and "be there" for the family. Leon knows we care about his whole family and always have. This was our way to show just how much we care and that we would always be there to support them.

The whole team, both old and new came together for this venture. Emails went out asking for content or even pages for the book. Notes and pictures (even video clips!) were sent from alumni in Florida, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and even Hong Kong. When possible, groups of out-of-town Lardies met to create a clip for the final product. Local teammates spent time at home, at In-n-Out, and at Phil's house to make personalized scrapbook pages. They drove from Dana Point, Palmdale and all points in between to the scrapbook making sites.

The following documents both the process and the product.

And it was with happy sighs of relief that shortly after presenting our PFD of support and racing for Avy with our Baby Avy, LARD Strong pins, she came home.

Making the PFD

by Lori Skelton (July 15, 2010)

LARDies UNITE! We are family on and off the boat.

Phil has a brilliant idea to put together a project to send our support to Leon and Wynne and especially Baby Avy. A simple card or what have you, just won't do. The plan is to put together a scrapbook full of messages, well wishes, remember when's and photos, (see document attached for more details). In addition, Phil is putting together a group photo and video montage.

What we need from you is to please bring a change of clothes (casual wear) for a group photo to be taken after land training on Sunday (7/18). In addition, please bring messages, cards, items, and photos you would like to have included in the scrapbook this weekend (7/17 - 7/18). Space is limited to no more than a 12" x 12" page, per person. Mike and I will be collecting your items both days, but sooner the better in order not to delay the project.

July 15, 2010

Project PFD for Baby Avy

by Phil Sun (July 15, 2010)

Hey LARD!,

Just so everybody knows how serious I am about this, I'm telling you EXACTLY what I plan on doing, here is the video laid out ahead of time on paper.

For the camera shy people, I'll just put you in the quarter screen shot, but the goal is to get as many LARD team member faces in there. Again, please let me know availability to film, I will drive out to you.

So far I got 15 people who are willing to help with filming, let's raise that number up higher!

btw, looks like I'm going to hit up Pasadena tomorrow afternoon/evening, if you are around there, let me know! I'll like do film the writing notes or receiving e-mail portions at your place.


Project PFD Video


Project PFD

The finished project

Video Outtakes


Assorted Extras

Alicia works at Disney Animation and generously procured a signed poster dedicated to Avy.