Paintball: Nov 4th

Nov 3, 2001

Tomorrow, the plan is to meet at the park at 10AM SHARP! I have the tickets and will issue receipts. Tickets to be paid before entry, $5 for team members and $10 for friends. At the time, we have 4 tickets left (unless HM or Cecile and Steve confirms, so feel free to bring friends out. Just confirm with me first if you have interested friends or family.)

We will have a grills brought out, courtesy of Mike and Vi, so bring out your favorite bbq foods or sides or drinks. The tickets include almost everything, except for C02 refills and paintballs, yourself, comfortable clothes (that you don’t mind getting dirty or stained), cameras, and an ass-kickin' attitude.

This should be a lot of fun. I've gone ahead and reserved the fields under our name, so we will be able to duke it out as a private group.

ALSO: Look out for a team club partying night at Spundae's w/the Guppies (it’s a really fun trance/techno club in Hollywood). lt will be likely for this coming Friday. Information to follow shortly. Leolanie from the Guppies is looking to get free or discounted admission in for interested team members...

See you all tomorrow!


It was my first time playing and having gone to shooting ranges for years, it was utterly ingrained in me NEVER to point a gun at someone so that took some getting used to. Believe me, after having almost shot myself in the head, you NEVER want to have a gun pointed at you.



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