3rd Annual Long Beach : July 31 - Aug 1

Squad Division Place
Open B 1st
Mixed Div I 3rd

I would like to congratulate everybody for their excellent efforts at the Long Beach Tournament this year. I believe that we have improved tremendously since last year and that there is more room for improvement. We should consider using the other teams as templates for our next training program. Possibly pulling faster during each stroke or increasing our stroke rate, I dunno if its possible but it deserves some thought.

Good job and have fun at the banquet.


Pomona Valley Chinese Newsletter

The 3rd International Long Beach Dragon Boat contest was held on July 31 and August 1st at Long Beach Marine Stadium. 36 teams joined in the competition. The contest was exciting and interesting.

All our paddlers worked hard with their paddles and our cheerleaders worked hard with their pom poms. (parents had gotten together and made pompoms...) After two days of strenuous competition, our team earned a bronze medal under Group B of International team (not sure what International team means..). And our cheerleaders also won a special appreciation medal from the organizer.

Our team, the Los Angeles Racing Dragon (LARD) once again made the community proud.

After the race, all team members went to the Dragon Luck Restaurant to celebrate. We also invited the chairperson (Dr. Chen) and vice-chair (Mr. Ke) of the International Long Beach Dragon Boat to join us. To express their appreciations and our support of Dragon Boat Racing, Dr Chen voluntarily paid for the Dinner. Our team then presented a special gift to Dr. Chen as return.

To everyone who watched and paddled and cheered "poh - MOH - NAAAH"


For those members who only joined up this year, if you only knew what an improvement we made as a team.

You guys (and gals) pulled out all the stops during the race and I know I already mentioned it, but boy, that POWER really rocks our boat!

Good job and good race!

See you all after next weekend...

(I know you'll all really miss the sound of my voice... I barely have one this morning.)

leon... it would be great to have a session away from the beach where we go over the footage, photos, and take stock of what people learned from other teams that day...



Fontaine Su
Wynne Wong
Karen Cheng
Huay Wee
Rose Lin
Wileen Wong


Eddie Liu
Kenny Kim
Arthur Yeh
William Kuan
Dennis Wang
John Kaplan
Tom Havel
Jason Cheng
Leon Cheng
Frank Aum
Richard Mendoza
Mike Healey
Greg Kromhout
Charles Chung
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