Lake Merced - Sept 28-29

Squad Division Place
Black Mixed Comp B Championship 4th (2:27.56)
Red Mixed Rec A Semi-Finals 1st (2:20.96)
Mens 500m Open 5th (2:14.77)

Leon creates the LARD tattoo

Princess Amidala made a rare showing

Matthew -- true LARD

CDBA Northern California International Championships Lake Merced, CA Sept 28-29, 2002

A happy birthday to all of you September babies. Brentin, Han, Tracy and Tammy. For future reference, in lieu or possibly in addition to the traditional long beach dunk, there will be a monthly birthday bash, most likely with the bbq's.

Another great weekend of sun (although it took a bit longer to coax out from those clouds) and paddling. I hope for those new to the sport you found the weekend a fun event because after four years, I still find it amazing. When the planets align and we tear the race course apart, there's a smile on my face that not even the most torn muscle can remove and we had those moments this weekend. I'm proud of this team and determined to help push this team to the world competitive levels I know it can reach. During the training season, even though I will be working double duty as I finish up my graduate work, I will still be maintaining my duties as an officer.

Special thanks go out to William "in your butt" Lin, who is always an inspiration both in and out of the water. Scott who asked for 110% and to whom I hopefully gave 120% Leon for being Leon, Wynne for being the captain behind the captain, and Jason for taking care of all the details. A big E-hug to Sharon for flying out from Kansas to be abused as a paddler (were you paddling every race?). A much needed thanks to Courtney, who not only found the time to join us, but paddled through her pain and led us in our warm-ups an often overlooked job. Thanks to Eddy for refraining from the drink before steering us straight and true (except that one time, but that's okay :)) Billy for buying me a massage. Chantha for making William promise. Lynda, Joe, Rob, Steve, Jesse, Rodrigo and Doug for being the enthusiastic bad-ass new paddlers that they are.

[Will was leading a cheer and freudian slipped "Who's in your butt? -- LARD!". We all shouted LARD before realizing what he had said]

Its 6 in the morn, and its time for me to get to work.



Courtney White
Andrea Wong
Vicki Robles
Sharon Beall
Vi Huynh
Huay Wee
Wynne Wong
Karen Cheng
Diane McCabe
Chantha Seng


Leon Cheng
Henry Kim
William Lin
Rob Rhew
Joe Kurihara
Kenny Kim
Jesse Wong
Mark Feng
Max Kiert
Billy Loa
Eddy Kim
Arthur Yeh
Oliver Lee
Scott Wu
Jason Cheng
Rodrigo Campos
Matthew Chin
Nick Wang
Yang Hu
Steven Chow
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