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Baby Long Beach - May 2

Terminator Dennis

Squad Division Place
Black: 500m mixed 1st place (2:23.84)
Red: 500m mixed qtr-finals
Black: 200m mixed 1st place (00:50.88)
Red: 200m mixed semi-finals
Pink: 500m mixed qtr-finals
Pink: 200m mixed qtr-finals

Baby Long Beach

by Scott Wu (May 9, 2010)

The day before I left for Cabo and Ensenada, LARD participated in the Local Spring Long Beach Races, also affectionately known as Baby Long Beach.

Most, if not all, of the local teams raced as well as a few out of town teams. The races consisted of 2 distances – 500m and 200m.

Traditionally, LARD uses this race as an introduction to our brand spankin’ new paddlers. This year was no exception.

I was very, very impressed with our new paddlers. They did an absolutely amazing job. I can’t wait to witness their further development as the season progresses.

Red Squad on the water

People define success differently. Some think they are successful if they cross the finish line first. I am not one of those people.

Although, it is easy to define success by winning a race, event, or game, for me, true success comes from what you learn during the process.

At the Spring Long Beach Races, affectionately known as "Baby Long Beach", I learned that our team is not defined by the trophies and medals we win. Why do I say this? Well, quite simply, our placing didn't matter. It didn't matter if we finished first in a race or last, the team focused on what we did well in the race and what we didn't do so well. We learned from each race and each stroke we made. That is the definition of success.

We learned that this year's journey has just begun and we have a lot of work to do along that journey. I know you are up to the task and I know, with your hard work, we will succeed - the same way we succeed every year.

Did we win?

That being said, we can only succeed together if we train together consistently.

Veteran paddlers, you should all be very proud of our new paddlers and their Baby Long Beach performance. As I told a few of the newbies over the weekend, they looked so good racing that many on the beach likely didn't even realize that our new paddlers had paddled only a handful of times. Let's all congratulate and welcome our new paddlers, they are all phenomenal assets that will enrich LARD for seasons to come.

Let's take this momentum and build on it. Next stop, Vancouver.

I hope to see you all consistently at practice. Together we will get better.


- Scott

Perspective as the PINKS coach

by Megan Yeh (Nov 8, 2010)

It was time for the Spring Local Long Beach Race. A race among all the local teams for some friendly competition, but this was a bit different from previous years all because I recently became the coach for the courageous Los Angeles Pink Dragons (Pinks). I considered this my first official race with them because I actually had time to work with them as opposed to Tempe, where I only had one practice with them before the race. Though, this race was a blur to me as I had taken on many responsibilities for the 1-day race. I was jumping on boats left and right since I was paddling for one LARD crew, calling for the other LARD crew, and calling for the Pinks. It was a jammed pack day, but it was definitely an amazing experience to see in just a short period of time how far the Pinks were progressing. If they had looked at themselves from when we first filmed them during the paddling clinic to where they were now, they were showing improvements.

My concern for the race wasn't where they were when they crossed that finished line, but how they felt afterwards. The day progressed with more and more improvements as we honed on what we needed to work on and by the last piece of the day, we gave it everything we got and showed our best piece. That's all I could ask for, and the Pinks certainly delivered. The final piece also happened to be the 250m, and sprints are definitely a favorite for them.

Megan Y coaching and calling for our Pink Dragons

There are still many things to work on, but I can see their enthusiasm to better themselves every single practice and that's always exciting to see in your paddlers. That desire, drive. Amazing job ladies! This was only the start of my journey with them and I'm looking forward to what the rest of the year will bring.

-Megan Yeh

Dunking lardettes

Practice prior to Baby Long Beach where Aileen and Kat are given the old heave-ho into the pristine waters of Long Beach as a birthday celebration.

Note to those of you who hide your birthday from the team. We will find out. We will dunk you. You will love it.


Aileen & Kat Dunking

Three cheers for our newest members to the team and who all did a fantastic job. Some have paddled before, some have even paddled at Long Beach before, but for all this was their first event as LARD at Baby Long Beach. Welcome welcome!

Our amazing new paddlers

Back row: John, Chris, Angel, Ginger, Suzanne, Mona, Mauricio, Sandy, Delwin

Front: Alicia, Daniel, Ken, Billy, Jorge

Row 4: Lori, Mike, Mark, Dennis, Andy, Will L, Ken W, Aaron, Kenny K, Cheryl, Chris, Angel, Suzanne, Mona, Ken L, James, Willie P, Mauricio, Delwin, Sandy, Alison, Diane
Row 3: Scott, Greg, Johnny, Bill T, Brent, ??, Jeff C
Row 2: Otto, Leon, Chuck, Karen W, Cathleen, Billy L, Jesse
Row 1: Susan, Lilly, Alicia, Daniel, Aileen, Kat, Ginger, Crystal W, Megan Y, Evelyn L, Jorge, Phil

500m 1st Place

200m 1st Place


Aaron Fong
Andrew Chhean
Chuck Chang
Delwin Leung
Dennis Chhean
James Banh
Jeff Lee
Ken Wang
Kenny Kim
Mark Feng
Mike Lee
Otto Jan
Jesse Wong
Aileen Chu
Cathleen Kim
Crystal Wang
Jeannie Lin
Karen Wang
Kat Quinto
Lori Skelton
Megan Yeh
Susan Foley


Alicia Muller
Cheryl Schmid
Darlene Palaganas
Diane McCabe
Sandy Yang
Mona Elsheikh
Evelyn Lim
Lilly Chen
Billy Leung
Bill Ting
Brent Tamborine
Johnny Tamborine
Greg Yee
Ken Leung
Willie Peng
Angel Garcia
Leon Cheng
Daniel Ng
Michael Trieu
Suzanne Marsh
Ginger Neel
Mauricio Flor
Chris Chavez
John Wong
Jorge Flor