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2010 LARD Sale #2

by Jessica Lee (Oct 5, 2010)

I'd like to thank and congratulate everyone on a very successful semi-annual LARD yard sale. I hope you all had fun while helping out the team.

I wasn't able to be there to help out but I know many people worked hard to make this event happen and succeed. Thank yous go out to Vicki, Karen, Crystal, and Delwin for signage. We can't have a good yard sale if no one can find us. =) Thank you to K1 and K-dub for being our cashiers and keeping excellent track of our money. Thank you to Susan for allowing us the use of her yard and K-dub/Meghan for organizing the sale. Thank you to those who kept the displays tidy and appealing. Special thank yous go out to those who stayed till the very end to help clean up and cart everything away at the end. I'd like to especially thank all of our wonderful donors and salespeople. You're the ones who truly made this happen.

Safety first! They're sitting in child car seats

This money will help pay for many of our expenses in the coming year.


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Come Rain, Come Shine

by Kenny Kim (Oct 5, 2010)

This year's yardsale has got to be one of the oddest in terms of weather. I arrived there a little after 6 in the morning. Sleepy and admittedly a little chilled. As I drove up PCH to Susan's place, I see a flash of lightning. Crap. That's not good. I checked the weather report yesterday and there was 0% chance of rain. I'm 35 years old, and for some stupid reason I still trust weather reports instead of just sticking my head out the window and figuring out what any idiot could see; there's a storm a coming.


Driving Miss Angel?

There's a good and steady stream of people by 7am. Every once in a while, we could feel a drop as we priced and organized (which never stopped by the way. Next year, all donated items should come pre-stickered to save us our sanity). But the drops were few and far between. Most of us revertd to our childhood personas. If I can't see the monster in the closet, the monster can't see me. So we pretended there was no rain. And it worked. For a little while at least.

Dapper Delwin

Eventually, it turned into a steady drizzle. It was wet enough that we had to cover up the paper goods, but the shoppers would not be deterred from a good bargain, and not a single one stopped their rummaging to get away from the rain.

But we lucked out. The drizzle stopped after a few minutes and the sale went on. By 11, the weather went insane. The breeze stopped, the sun came out - we cheered at first, little did we know. And then some idiot turned the sun to overdrive. An hour earlier we were in cool, damp weather. Now, we were baking to death. It got so hot that the candle we were selling melted (see photo). Many of us passed out from fatigue and heat but it was overall a good day. Those who stuck it out to the end were treated to good eats! Actually, we were pigging out the whole day. McDonald's for breakfast. Krispy Kreme. Winchell's. Then pizza. Jamba Juice. Then more pastries. Then ice cream bars and dibs. I think we ate over 5,000 calories each.

It was HOT

While everyone did a fantastic job, with the Caldera family rocking the clothing section and Otto busting his butt to sell the two large items we had: a large desk and a telescope. Unforunately, we were unable to sell either of them. Otto tried so hard to sell my desk, but no one wanted to take such a large and heavy item (which is also why i was trying to get rid of it) and he had a woman willing to buy the telescope but she low-bid it and he rejected the offer.


Thank You

by Jason Cheng (Oct 6, 2010)


A reward for a good job. 1000 calories!

Great job, folks!! Getting [as much as we did] is simply amazing for these one-day sales considering how everything's priced. And to echo Jessica's message, a big thank you to everyone who made this happen from start to finish, especially after such a packed SF weekend. As nice as it was to clear out my closet and donate to this past weekend's event, I wish I could've been there to help hawk stuff with everyone. These fundraisers are so critical to our growing team, particularly during the race season when additional crew registrations are needed.


Watching the kiwi fly. So sad.

Thanks again, all. I look forward to seeing y'all out by the tree soon.



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