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Long Beach, CA - Aug 1 & 2

Squad Division Place
Black Mixed IA Final 3rd (2:15.42)
Black 200M A Final 1st (0:50.37)
Red Mixed IB Final 7th (2:20.82)
White Mixed IIIA Final 7th (2:29.06)
White 200M B Semi-Final 3rd (57.66)
Men Open A Final 2nd (2:11.60)
Women Women A Final 4th (2:36.33)
Pink 200M BCS Final 2nd (0:58.51)
Pink Womens BCS Final 3rd (3:01.67)
Pink Mixed IIIC Final 7th (2:58.32)

Long Beach Festival Introduction

The Long Beach Dragon Boat Festival will be held at Marine Stadium in Long Beach on August 1st and 2nd, 2009.

In addition to hosting one of the largest dragon boat competitions in California, there will be Chinese traditional art demonstrations, Chinese Acrobats, traditional dance, hip hop, music and martial arts performances.

Come join us for all the fun, food and excitement.

Just like that and we are all staring at the Long Beach Tournament in the rear view mirror. Man, it went by so fast, but what a great ride it was.

Our team's performances were nothing short of spectacular. As I expected, we placed very well overall. The house was protected. What I didn't expect was to learn something about this team's character in the face of adversity.

As a coach, one of the hardest things to do is to motivate - hands on with yelling? hands off and let you guys figure it out on your own (and hopefully not get too beat up in the process)? That is what the coaches battle with.

Turns out, we got it right.

Sure, LARD Black's performance in the 200 meter races were fantastic. That being said, what I will take away from this tournament was "Guts". Guts to look adversity in the eye and challenge it. Guts to keep fighting. The epitome of this was the 200 meter races for both our Red and White squads. Both teams started in less than ideal positions, but instead of phoning it in and easy paddling to the finish line, you fought. You fought for yourself and you fought for your team. I got more satisfaction watching those 2 races than I did witnessing the Black's victory in the 200m final.


200m Final

Your character also showed after the race, with the steersman taking the blame even though it wasn't their fault. The warmth you all showed after the race made me proud to be associated with this team.

That being said, enjoy your week then let's hit it hard this weekend so we can represent the way I know you can in SF.

How will you make yourself better for our team?


Yesssss!! I get to be the first to congratulate everyone on *another* wonderful, awesome, insane weekend of paddling, comraderie, fun, and LARD. Thank you SO much to everyone--coaches, the food crew and volunteers, Team Mom! And special thanks (from Phil) to TDo and Ken L. for helping to man (men?) the video camera, and to Ken W. for the after-race round-up and beers at Crab Pot!

So proud of all of us.

Who protected this house? We did, WE DID! =)

Karen C

1st Annual Paddle Art Award

This is the first annual Paddle Art Award which was founded in commemoration of Arthur Yeh, one of the original LARD members who tragically passed away late 2007 in a car accident. His two loves, art and dragonboating, come together in this annual contest.

After careful consideration of all the entries, the Yeh family selected Rachelle Wong to be this year's first recipient of the Paddle Art Award.

The Yeh family presented Rachelle with a carbon fiber paddle at the 2009 Long Beach Dragon Boat Festival in Long Beach, CA for the wooden paddle that she designed.

Hello, Team!

Hope y'all have recovered well from the race weekend and are primed to continue training hard as we look to close out our 12th season up here in the Bay Area. Finally, a home game for me! It's great to see our numbers so far for this race, and that many of you have already booked your flights. Friday night to Sunday evening for many--I guess this is a business trip of sorts :-D If you're one of few still on the fence, waffle no more, you will want to be there! If anything, book now through Southwest, and you'll at least retain flight credit in case changes are made.

Wish I could've stuck around on Sunday to congratulate everyone, but I had a flight to catch, and was already ripe for an uncomfortable ride back without being damp as well. BTW, I'd avoid 21C on any United flight, just to be safe...


2009 Long Beach 500m Division IA Finals

Looking back to this past weekend's racing though, I'd like to commend everyone for their poise under pressure during many (if not every one) of those sets, as there was certainly a lot of adversity. That we were able to compete as well as we did really demonstrates how resilient and focused all of our crews were; every race was really a beast, in and of itself. I believe the invaluable experiences of LB have always prepared us well for conditions at Treasure Island, and I expect we'll have our opportunities to focus, execute, and shine again....even if the weather doesn't in the Bay Area (not San Fran..or 'Frisco).

To say the least, I also wanted to extend a HUGE heartfelt thanks to those who prepared/provided food and drink to fuel both our paddlers and DieselFish, and helped with set-up and takedown both days. From the spam musubi that Diane, Lorena, Jackie, and Otto made on Fri--and which Diane and Jackie continued doing on Saturday in preparation for Sunday--to the cous cous wraps, peanut-butter/sugar-chex snacks, and the pièce de résistance that was unveiled after our team dinner on Sat, thankyou! thankyou!

See y'all soon!


So I am compelled by my siblings to add on to this thread. I won't have as much to say here, 'cause frankly, I think I must have talked all your ears off through the course of the weekend. Almost a week later, my voice isn't so croaky, my light sunburn is nicely bronzed over, and I'm excitedly looking forward for the 'more-to-come'.

The thank-you's. Goes out to EVERYONE. And I mean everyone! From all of you who paddled, cheered, supported, congratulated, hand-slapped, yelled, lifted-up, sweated, steered, called, held their breath, organized, directed, coached, cooked and prepared, and so much more - THIS IS TEAMWORK. THIS IS LARD.

Competition. Without going into details of the results as they've been posted to the SCDBC website, congratulations to all of us. Not just about being respectabe or just adequate. We represented LARD.

Improvement. Is constant. We faced challenges, adversity, injuries, had some disappointments in some of our races. But how I would define the weekend was not in merely facing each of these, it was in the way we stood up after, with each other and always in full support.


2009 Long Beach Cheer

The season is quickly coming to a close. We have Lake Gregory, Portland, and San Francisco as the remaining checklist of diminishing opportunities. It's been a wonderful ride so far, one of the best. Let's close it out the best way we know how - see y'all out on the water.

Leon 'new shoes' Cheng

you'll see.

Also, if it hasn't been said, again, CONGRATULATIONS TO JOE AND YONNIE!!! They'll have the buffest baby known to man. As of now, I am officially starting the recruiting effort on this fine specimen. Yonnie (and Joe), you have been notified.


LARDiesel Dinner

I just want to say THANKS to everybody for all the encouragement and support today at the race!!! I had never been involved in any kind of sports competition EVER, so I was very nervous! For my first race, I had TONS of fun!! I am definitely looking forward to Vancover! You guys are great!



Long Beach Newbies: David, Quyen Dang, Sunny Liu, ??, Ken L, Albert, Aileen, Karen W, Crystal W

200m Division A 1st Place

Open Division A 2nd Place

Division IA 3rd Place

Women Division A 4th Place


Crystal W
Karen W
Megan Y
Crystal C
Meghan P


Jason C
Jonathan H
Ken Wang
Todd Z
Ken Leung
Albert Chu
Jonathan Huynh