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Tribute to Arthur Yeh

Arthur's Memorial Nov 29

Megan Yeh (Nov 23, 2009)


Picnic with Arthur

Almost a year ago, LARD lost a beloved member of its family, Arthur Yeh. He was a special part of our family that I can't begin to describe just now...

If you'll be in town, we'd love to have you celebrate Art with us; it'll just be a time to relax, remember him if you knew him and get to know a little bit about him if you didn't. It'll be a picnic of sorts, so bring whatever post-Thanksgiving munchies you'd like. Feel free to bring pictures if you have them, or any stories you might want to share! =)

Saturday, November 29 (Thanksgiving weekend), anytime after practice ~noon

Rose Hills

3888 Workman Mill Road

Whittier 90601

Morning Star Terrace Lawn, behind the SkyRose Chapel/below the Greek Chapel

Arthur Yeh

Arthur was one of 3 LARD babies of the 90's. Karen and I were the other two. Because of the age gap between us and the rest of the team, I immediately identified myself with both Arthur and Karen. I'd see them every Sunday morning. Kenny was the designated bus driver for those who couldn't drive (thanks Kenny). Practice was always a good time. After practice was food time. This is where Arthur really made his presence felt.

On the surface, one would say that Arthur was a quiet guy. He was always willing to share a laugh and lend a helping hand. But if anyone knew Arthur, they knew he could eat. My fondest memory of Arthur is of a post practice lunch at Claim Jumper when we both tried our hands at finishing the Motherlode Sandwich. I ate myself silly that day. We weren't even competing. But judging by the pain in my belly, and regardless of who ate more, Arthur still won.

Ever since the team's humble beginnings, I've thought of LARD as my extended family. Consequently, Karen and Arthur would be my extended siblings. I'd joke to Megan and tell her that I'm her older brother that she never knew about so she'd better listen to me. I've known Arthur for a good decade. I will always appreciate his friendship. He will be dearly missed.

Will Lin (2008)

More stories about Arthur can be found at this blogspot.

Arthur's Memorial Donation aka Paddle Art Contest

Art's OC2

In late 2008, the Yeh family made a donation to LARD in memory of Art. Dragonboating and LARD were a big part of Art's life and his family wanted this to be a way for him to still participate in and have an impact on the team. The funds were to be used to "improve the team."

The LARD leadership spent months brainstorming ideas; not just any ideas but ideas that would satisfactorily represent Arthur and benefit the dragonboat community. Eventually they decided on a dual activity. The team would purchase an OC2 for team testing purposes and they would sponsor a Paddle design contest to honor Art.

2009 Rachelle Wong

2010 Kristina Le

The paddle design contest was meant to combine two of Art's greatest passions while also promoting local talent. The contest is open to all students who can create a piece of themed art which is constrained to the size of a paddle blade. The theme is based on the LARD mission statement to be judged by Art's family. The carbon fiber paddle was given to the winner in a ceremony at the Long Beach Dragon Boat Festival.