San Francisco - Sept 23-24

Squad Division Place
Black Comp A Championship 6th (2:21.29)
Visiting Cup Championship 2nd (2:19.13)
Red Comp B Consolation 6th (2:37.25)

What a finish to the season!

Hi folks,

I would like to congratulate everyone for a job well done this weekend in SF. We were up against exceptionally tough competition. Close to 100 teams were there, coming from Portland, Canada, Boston, Florida, Germany, and even Australia. But that didn't stop us from paddling tough, and paddling at our best.

Our Red crew, despite paddling with 12 ladies rather than the usual 8, did an awesome job. We made it into the comp B consolation finals. That's a great feat. The black crew took 2nd in Visitor's Cup. And better yet, the black crew also is 1 of only 6 teams to make it all the way to the Comp A finals! Who are the other 5, you ask. Strathcona Dangerous When Wet 1 and 2 (a collection of very strong paddlers from various Vancouver teams), Dragon Warriors, Jetstart (very strong team from Toronto), and Wasabi. All these are ├╝ber strong teams. We came in 6th, and nobody should be ashamed of that. Our women's team didn't qualify for the finals, but still ran a damn strong race and came in third. From the shore, the timing looked great. Way to paddle your butts off, ladies. The men's crew made it into the finals and grabbed 5th against some real tough competition. Good work, men.

We may not have been the best team in term of paddling ability, but we sure made it up in terms of decibels. We always made sure the other teams in our heats know that LARD is paddling!! When one of our teams is racing, we are always at the finish line and the entrance to cheer them on. Now that's called team spirit.

Of course, who can forget all the people who made this happen. DieselFish did a wonderful job hosting us again. Tiff and Huay, hope you guys got your voices back. We are lucky to have you two as our callers. Our awesome steer and head coach Leon, who steered every single one of our races. The coaching staff for the meticulous planning and strategies. Ev Yang and all the board members for the months of logistics work. Last but not least, Laura Messerschmidt, who spent the whole weekend being the team's eyes and ears.

Even though the curtain fell on the 2006 season, the year is not over yet. As usual, there still will be practice every Saturday and Sunday, but COMPLETELY OPTIONAL. Don't need to feel guilty for playing hooky. Leon will be planning a crazy bike ride from Upland to the coast. If you would like to test the toughness of your behind, I encourage you to give it a try. In November, there will also be a beach cleanup and the LARD banquet. We will let you know once it's official.

Lastly, good luck to Scott, K1, Will, Lorena, and Cap'n Nick. They are in Taiwan for the ICF Dragon Boat Racing World Championships. And Will, hope you made it onto the airplane before you crashed and burned. ;-)

Tis all and good night!


SF Newbies: Bill T., Betty C., Megan Y., Lorena Y., Cathleen K., Otto J., Jeff L., Aaron, Sophie?, Andy?, Lori S., Nate, Jackie?, xx


Karen Chan
Betty Chang
Lilly Chen
Karen Cheng
Courtney Chow
Connie Chung
Carla Copeland
Denna Jung
TK Kimura
Yonnie Lam
Diane McCabe
Lori Skelton
Gilda Soonthon
Nienchtae Teng
Evelyn Wah
Huay Wee
Andrea Wong
Wynne Wong
Wendy Wright
Tiffany Wu
Megan Yeh


Chuck Chang
Nick Checkmizoff
Jason Cheng
Leon Cheng
Andrew Chhean
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