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14th Annual Banquet @ The Grand, Long Beach | Nov 19

Award Winner
Jack Ko Award Lori Skelton
Most Spirited Crystal Wang
Most Inspirational Leon Cheng
Rookie of the Year Patrick Ng
Most Improved Kenny Kim
Most Sportsmanlike Otto Jan
Most Valuable Chuck Chang
Biggest Eater Phil Sun
Best Dressed Noel Villegas
Best Hair Scott Wu
Biggest Facebooker Scott Wu
Best (B)romantic Couple Jeff Chen & Otto Jan
Least Punctual Ryan Song
Mr. Congeniality Billy Leung
Ms. Congeniality Alicia Muller
Biggest Camera Whore (Tie) James Banh, Otto Jan
The Wax Fiend Aaron Fong

Avy Cake

Elizabeth (Nov 11, 2011)


Good food doesn't always have to be made completely from scratch. For me, it's especially so when it comes to baking. Pastry/cake/cookies/pies are as challenging as astrophysics. I've turned 3" chocolate chip cookies into a Pangea cookie when I followed (I think) the recipe exactly. Not to mention the thought of making pie crust can make the hairs on the back of my neck stand straight. Since giving up on baking from scratch, I've come to appreciate using box mixes and throw in a dash of creativity to make them my own. There have been Khalua No-Pudge brownies, apple sauce pumpkin bread, and the latest, boxed cornbread mix dolled up with some rosemary and strawberry jam.


Miss Avy

photo from Auntie Karen

Miss Avy photo from Auntie Karen I had taken the liberty to name this sweet treat as Avy Cake, after the little girl who inspired this recipe. Avy is the daughter of my partner's dragonboat coach and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when she was born. Since birth, Avy has brought the team together in the way that food brings people together. I'm not sure how it came about, but AvyCakes has been one of her earliest nicknames. With the amount of time that food occupies my thoughts, I'm surprised how long it took me to think of making a literal and edible interpretation of Avy's nickname. So after spending some time in the think tank (aka my kitchen), Strawberry Rosemary Cornbread Cake was born! The strawberry and corn are to showcase in-season ingredients during July, Avy's birth month. And why cake? Because cake can elicit big smiles, just like Avy herself!


Unnecessary Censorship

Tabitha Huang (Nov 26, 2011)


Bromantic Award

I remember it all started when Delwin asked me for some help in gathering some potential music for the video. Then out of curiosity I asked who was going to be in the video and what the format was like. The next thing I know, he is asking if I want to be a guest on the talk show. I was nervous but excited. What would I say in front of the camera and how many takes would it take for me to get my scene right? Delwin and Phil told me to just be myself and be comical with bits of swearing, which isn’t too difficult. For those of you who may not know, I sometimes have a potty mouth. At the same time I didn’t want my whole portion to be filled with bleeps, something similar to what I’ve seen on Jimmy Kimmel’s show.


Luckily, my scene was after K1 so I could get a general idea of what to say instead of freezing up once the cameras rolled. Once it was my scene, I thought “alright you got this just stay in character.” The cameras were rolling and Noel decides to call me “Ta-bee-tha”. I was shocked when he called me by my “ghetto” name. It was so hard to keep a straight face. I’m pretty sure you can tell in the video that I’m trying very hard to not crack up. I was on a roll with my scene, until from the corner of my eye, I could see Noel’s bare foot on my chair. I was very focused by my standards, but I couldn’t help myself, I just had to burst out laughing to get it out of my system. Once I regained my composure, the cameras rolled and we were off to the 2nd take. The second take sailed by smoothly, I included some of my “censored” vocabulary and didn’t laugh at Noel’s feet or when he mispronounced my name. The whole filming process went by a lot faster than I had imagined. I had a blast helping out with the video. In my words, the video was f*cking entertaining who would’ve known that we could do our own take on Conan? I think Conan and Andy should watch out for Billy and Noel coming to a late night show near you.

A Leap in Production Capabilities

Philip Sun (Nov 22, 2011)


jeopardy pot

We're always looking to improve ourselves, and that includes team media. From the video maker's perspective, the making of this year's banquet video went up another notch! Delwin thought up the idea of doing a late night talk show and talk show we did! Instead of just a couch, we pretty much put together an makeshift set! Taking apart and moving that office table from upstairs down into the living room was such a pain. We upgraded from a single speaker with a single portrait perspective, to multiple angles with multiple speakers! We improved lighting from 2 fluorescent soft boxes to 4 halogen tall lights. Audio was swift and quick this time too. Having the wireless microphones and soundboard made capturing multiple audio tracks much more easy, saving A LOT of editing time. We used additional sound effects, such as the laugh tracks and censor bleeps. And to top it all off, everybody on camera spoke so naturally! Filming was done in 2 days! ONE WEEKEND!


Lori and the Jack Ko Award

It definitely felt more like a production crew this time, an improvement upon previous years where each person just worked on an individual clip. Delwin headed the project well with music consultation from Tabitha. Billy and Noel were hilarious and naturals in front of the camera. They came up with their own script, adding new perspectives and material. I manned the sound board, Karen and Otto held up the giant sign, Tabitha and Doug took turns operating the other cameras. Karen Wang was suppose to participate last minute, but schedules ran late so we pulled in Otto last minute to talk about our the cake wars and he was a good sport about wearing the apron! Otto and Doug definitely took one for the team by dressing up. (Watch the video and you'll see). Oh and I remembered to order food this time! Definitely looking forward to what we dish out next year.



William Leung (Nov 23, 2011)


musical performance by Andrew Ting

Albeit a shaky intro with a few awkward pauses, Noel and I had this cohosting business down pat. We had incredibly smooth transitions between each item on the agenda, and we were completely in our element. Normally, funny people usually aren't funny on cue. It's usually when they're among friends and family when they relax and become natural entertainers. That's how I felt about Noel and I cohosting this event.

Andrew Ting's musical performance really blew me away. Kid's really talented, and I haven't heard that instrument being played live before. Alicia's Skype message was a really pleasant surprise. We should do that more often. LARD jeopardy was a blast as usual. The most hilarious response we got was from the Otto Danger question. Lastly, the mac and cheese.... mmmmm.....

Max won a ton of stuff. That guy better join up with us. Also, Steve won a LARD hat. (Coincidence? I think not!)


I don't know how I got pulled into the project. Honestly, Phil just follows me around with a camera and always says, "go be funny." But seriously, I'm always a fan of helping out with Phil's videos. It's a huge feat that's always worth the smiles and laughter from our fellow LARDies.

Delwin and Phil run an incredibly well oiled machine of a film production. What normally took more than a 2 months worth of filming/editing was accomplished in less than a couple of weeks with only 2 days of filming. I'm not really sure how we're supposed to continue one upping ourselves every year.

I guess I subconsciously wanted to be the host, because it literally took me 8-9 takes to say "I'm your announcer" instead of "I'm your host". Noel's improv ability is awesome. For the most part, we worked together on building up a general outline of a script, but he mixed it up immediately and made it incredibly funny while filming. The first time Noel did the "masterbaking" joke, I lost it, but Otto was able to keep his composure. I'm a fan of master baking jokes, what can I say.

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Emcee Villegas

Noel Villegas (Nov 22, 2011)


MC'ing the banquet was exciting. "Exciting" in my definition, is "fear with a smile". The scary part is being asked to be entertaining to a group of over 60 people. The fun part is that those ~60 people are your friends and teammates. To get over my fear of public speaking, i took improv classes at the upright citizens brigade theater. Turns out improvisation would prove to be quite the useful skill...

The highlight of the evening for me was the banquet opening. Billy was busy with work leading up to the banquet and i get a procrastinator's high from putting things off to the last second, so we didn't have anything prepared. A few minutes before going on, we decided to interact with the crowd. This played to our finely honed skills of making stupid facebook comments and it kept the audience engaged. I think it worked out pretty well. I know I'd click Like.

Delwin threw out the late night talk show idea during banquet video discussions. In a momentary, yet catastrophic lapse in judgement, it was somehow decided that I'd be the host. We filmed everything at Phil's house and from the start, it was super legit. From the elaborate camera/lighting rigs, to the dailies with laugh tracks, it was clear that this would require on screen jackassery of the highest order.


And jackassery is kinda my specialty. While interviewing the guests, we had a rough outline of talking points, but the details were left to be ironed out on camera. To keep things interesting for myself, i tried to do things that would cause the interviewees to break character. In hindsight, this made no sense, because when they broke, we'd have to reshoot, but at least it kept me entertained. That was the thought behind mispronouncing Tabitha's name.

Coming to the shoot after practice, I forgot a nice pair of shoes, so we filmed the entire skit while I was barefoot. The angles of the cameras made it difficult to show my bare feet in other shots, so I decided to stretch my toes on the guest chair during Tabitha's segment. She knew nothing about it and I found out later that she has a deeply seated and intense hatred of bare feet. This was a nice bonus and it continues to please me well after filming.

Davy Crockett Canoes (reposted from readyandreach)

Scott Wu (Nov 21, 2011)


yes, we are sleeping

LARD’s incoming captain, Tabitha, organized a Disneyland trip last weekend. Despite the threat of rain, 13 of us headed out to Disneyland to paddle the Davy Crockett canoes.

On our first lap, they put us on the boat with a few non-paddlers. It was probably a bit intimidating for them. Billy and Jesse decided they’d sit seat 1 for that lap. Jesse sits in seat 10 next to me in races. I don’t recall Billy ever sitting in seat 1 (but I could be mistaken). They decided to set a blistering 200m-like rate for most of the way around the island (700m+ all the way around). Needless to say, Tabitha and Kat would be sitting seat 1 for our next lap. The non-paddlers struggled to keep up – one even profusely apologizing from splashing the crap out of James’ backpack.


The steersmen (one at the front and one at the back) were pretty excited that we knew how to paddle. Our first lap wasn’t all that eventful as we kept catching up to the Mark Twain boat (larger white ship with a giant wheel behind it) and having to promptly stop. For our second lap, Vi volunteered to record the lap on my camera. The Disney cast members wanted us to paddle with their best steersman. So we waited for his boat to come back around the island (there were about 3 canoes on the water) and we waited some more so the ships and other canoes cleared out of our way.

As we were waiting, word spread that they had some dragon boat paddlers that wanted to see how quickly we could get around the island. We were told the record around the island was 3:53 set by an all mens crew. We had a hodge-podge mix of LARD paddlers – Black, Red and White were all represented – 5 women and 7 men. We were lucky to have Steve from Space on the boat as well. It was fun paddling with you Steve!


LARD invades Disneyland

We finished the piece at 3:59 – 6 seconds from the Disney men’s fastest time but probably the fastest mixed time to date. The front “steersman” didn’t do too much to help our cause – I distinctly remember the steersman seated directly behind me yelling at the guy in the front to help out but from the video, he looked pretty content holding his paddle in his hands.


After our lap, we left the canoe, returned our paddles and headed up the ramp. To my surprise, the back steersman, came up the ramp with us and began to chat us up about our lap and paddling in general. A cool guy and a great time.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to put together a crew again in the near future and do it again.


Fundraising Efforts

Every year LARD finds new ways to expand and refine itself. This year, the fruits of labor were bountiful with donations from multiple companies and with a greater variety of fundraisers.

Our Gracious Donors

Chuck Chang
Richard Boucher
Jason Cheng
Kenny Kim
Kristine Krope-Gay
Jessica Lee
Diane and John McCabe
William Ting
Jesse Wong

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Jamba Juice

Teamlard - popchips


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