Oakland (Jack London Square) October 2

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Hello LARDmates,

I am moving so slow today! Is everyone as exhausted as I am? Plus all I can emit vocally is a whisper after drumming for Hidden Dragons (BTW, they took 2nd in Rec B!! Maybe they'll move back into Rec A at S.F. races).

I just wanted to say thanks for everyone doing such a great job this weekend! Really...pats on back no matter what!! Judging by some faces and sullen looks, some of you might disagree, but I can tell from my exhaustion and our cheering sections, that we gave it everything!! Let's try not to be too overly critical of ourselves and don't forget "pats-on-back"...enjoy what you've accomplished instead of turning it into ho-hum doldrums, or else you'll bring LARD down instead of up. Let's focus on those San Francisco races!

Anyways...I found the cards that you all snuck into my bag sometime this weekend! Great sound-card altho' it scared the heck out of me when I opened it! Thanks sooooo much for all the kind're determined to make me cry aren't you? I think you used up every inch of white space hehehee! Now I don't want to go :{.

Really....thanks! (from Doug and Petey too--Petey sent his picture for you)

See you at the bike ride or else at Lake Merced!


Yayyy the LARD-TARD

Before the tattoo was the stamp! We went a little crazy with it, stamping unsuspecting sleepers. Jack London Square was a great venue to hang out but the race course was difficult to see from shore.

We had some steering issues at this race and a few races were significantly longer than 500 meters, but c'est la vie.

There was a large statue in the center of the square, I'm assuming it was Jack London (whoever that is) and I had a photo of Nick W. in his innocent teenage way exploring the statue, but from the angle of the photo, it looked like he was checking for hernias. Unfortunately, I have searched and searched and could not find that photo anywhere (you lucked out Nick).

Kenny having fun at Leon's expense :)

Eddy and I were also exploring our inner photo-bug and as Leon was giving one of his classic rousing speeches, from where I was sitting I had the most spectacular view of his head below the Ferry sign. I couldn't resist. I'm so glad he has a sense of humor (I love you! :)

I have been unable to find any results from this race. I do recall that we were not performing very well, and I am fairly certain that we ended the weekend as participants, but it would have been nice to know which division we raced in.

Kenny reminiscing 2010


Sharon Beall
Courtney White
Andrea Wong
Wynne Wong
Tracy Chen
Tammy Chen
Wileen Wong
Karen Cheng
Diane McCabe
Laura Messerschmitt
Vi Huynh
Chantha Seng
Kim George


Jason Cheng
Henry Kim
Nick Wang
Arthur Yeh
Kenny Kim
William Lin
Kenny Kim
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