End of Year Banquet / BBQ

Anyone recognize this tall kid?

The end of the year banquet was held in two places, there was a PVCA awards ceremony at a Chinese restaurant in Upland and a gathering at Kenny Kim's backyard. Photos and details under research.

Below is a photo of one of our practices in the 1st generation Long Beach dragon boat (note the singular, there used to be only one boat for practice). This was the yellow monster. No one exactly knows how much it weighed, but it was solid fiberglass and was impossible to pickup. It took a fairly large crew to push the boat down and back up to the water using rollers. An interesting side story, Kenny K. was initially pulled into the dragon boat team because the dragon boat was so massive that it took an enormous amount of strength to force course corrections especially with cross currents. Both Kenny and the rest of the team are very happy that he is no longer a steerer.

We didn't have separate team awards or banquets at this point. But! The Long Beach race had individual trophies at this time that came after the race for each person on the team. An extravagance Long Beach no longer provides (thankfully).

The 1999 LARD Team


Cindy Wu
Fontaine Su
Huay Wee
Karen Cheng
Laura Messerschmitt
Rhodora Enriquez
Rose Lin
Sue-Meng Lau
Wileen Wong
Wynne Wong


Arthur Yeh
Charles Chung
Dennis Wang
Eddie Liu
Eddy Kim
Greg Kromhout
Jason Cheng
Jon Kaplan
Kenny Kim
Leon Cheng
Mike Healey
Richard Mendoza
Tom Havel
William Kuan
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