1st Annual Long Beach

Squad Division Place
PVCA Grand Championship 3rd

The Pomona Valley Chinese Association Dragon Boat team was established in September 1995. The team consisted of the family and friends from the PVCA. They participated in the 1995 Los Angeles Dragon Boat Competition held in San Dimas and the 1997 Long Beach World Cup Dragon Boat Tournament. In both events, PVCA ranked third among numerous competitors.

PVCA is a non-profit organization established in 1975 with members including adults, parents, and students from the Inland Valley Empire. Striving for cultural knowledge and celebration, the association continues to recognize its rich Chinese heritage and promotes team spirit and ethnic values.

Anyway, my parents (members of PVCA) convinced Wynne and Leon to participate in the local PVCA team the year before. They were hurting for paddlers, especially young paddlers.

They ended up enjoying it so much (I think they won a trophy or something) that they asked me to check it out the next year. I reluctantly agreed but then the following years, they just kept asking friends to represent PVCA. When we first became LARD, PVCA still sponsored us by bringing the team lunch, snacks during the races. But then PVCA wanted their own local team again and decided to go back to sponsoring their own team from their own community.

Long Beach was the only race that existed in our minds back then... We didn't know there was such a huge community out there until later.



Cheryl Chen


Elson Huang
David hung
William Kuan
Jason lam
Ben Mok
James Wang
Mark Way
Jack Yeh
Barry You
Yo Zhao
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