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11th Annual Banquet @ The Grand, Long Beach - Nov 22

Serenaded by our own Greg Y

Award Winner
Jack Ko Award Karen C
Most Improved (veteran) James B
Most Improved (novice) Crystal C
Most Spirited Lori S
Most Inspirational Leon C
MVP Will L
Best Hair Nate C
Biggest Eater Mike L
Mr. Congeniality Bill T
Ms. Congeniality Karen C
Latest Hugh N
Biggest Facebooker Mike L
Biggest Splasher Todd Z
Best Sportsmanship Leon C

At the end of every season, we close it with a bang! Party time! Everyone on the team got dressed up "in style" to celebrate another successful year, which is very evident from the happy faces, memorable and funny stories shared and of course, the hardware we bring home after every race! LARD’s banquet this year was bigger than ever!

A great, big crowd, fantastic food and of course, the open bar!!! What made our 2008 season very memorable, too, was the yearbook headed by our very own, Megan Yeh. It captured every LARD moment that shows what our team is all about, what we were and what we have become, a better and stronger team. The highlight of the night of course is to recognize some of our team members and commend their hardwork! See list of our awardees (lard yearbook on the website) Great job LARDies!!! And to end the night, the much awaited, year-end slideshow/video that was put together by our very own LARD paparazzi, Phil! Thanks Phil, for once again, showcasing LARD’s talent!

-Kat Q

I felt the banquet last year was enjoyable with the new venue. We were all in one area instead of being split across the room from each other and seated more people at the tables. I liked the idea of having a picture taking area outside where everyone can have some memory of the banquet as well as take some group picture or couple pictures. The banquet was well organized thanks to the board and other banquet committee who were able to volunteer their time in helping. What made the night fun was the awards since everyone was left anonymous on who won what award and the fun awards too. However, what made the night end with a good bang was Phil's slide show. He always knows how to surprise us with his creative mind.

-Cathleen K

Dragon Boat West 2008 Rankings

Out of 295 teams, LARD Black was ranked 7th and LARD Red was ranked 176th.

Festivals / Regattas
Dash For Charity
FCRCC Spring Regatta
Bill Alley / Lotus Regatta
Gorge Super Sprints
Dragonzone Regatta
Rio Tinto Alcan Festival†
Nanaimo Paddlefest
Whistler Dragonboat Festival
Nanaimo Dragonboat Festival
Richmond Dragonboat Festival
Harrison Dragonfest
Gorge Fest
Victoria Dragonboat Festival
Vernon Dragonboat Festival
Penticton Dragonboat Festival
Portland Dragonboat Race
Kelowna Dragon boat Festival

Rank Prev Team Name Races
1 1 FCRCC Mixed A (Black) 4
2 2 Mauna Hale 1
3 3 Kai Ikaika Paddling Club 1
4 4 Gorging Dragons 4
5 5 Pemberton Bald Eagles 1
6 6 FCRCC Mixed B (Red) 2
7 7 Los Angeles Racing Dragons Black 1
... ... ... ...
176 142 Los Angeles Racing Dragons Red 1

Our Gracious Donors:

Ellen Lee
Diane McCabe
Phillip Sun
Christine & John Williams


The 2008 LARD Team

Fun awards


Andrea Wong
Betty Chang
Cai Zeng
Cathleen Kim
Claire Macaraeg
Crystal Chen
Darlene Palaganas
Diane McCabe
Huay Wee
Jane Chang
Janna L Fong
Jeannie Lin
Jessica Lee
Jilly Chang
Karen Cheng
Kat Quinto
Lilly Chen
Lisa Zhao
Lorena Yamamoto
Lori Skelton
Margaret Liaw
Megan Yeh
Meghan Potter
Rouhina Mehregan
Susan Foley
Teresa Chang
TK Kimura
Vickie Robles
Yonnie Lam


Aaron Fong
Andy Chhean
Anthony Yang
Brent Tambourine
Chuck Chang
Daniel Toledo
Dennis Chhean
Gary Wang
Hugh Nguyen
Jason R. Tambourine
Jeffrey Chen
Jesse Wong
James Banh
Jonathan Tambourine
Jonathan S Huynh
Kenny Kim
Leon Cheng
Mark Feng
Matthew Chin
Mike Lee
Nathaniel Chu
Nicholas Chekmizoff
Nickolas Yee
Otto Jan
Philip Sun
Richard J Maher
Steve Chung
Todd Okamoto
Todd Zankich
William Lin
William Ting
Willie Peng
Yang Hu