Foster City

Squad Division Place
PDBA Challenge 4th (2:03.96)
Mixed A Consolation 1st (2:01.26)

The team in 1999 was still made primarily of the High School group, family members, and a smattering of architects.

This was our first year with our new team name and logo uniforms. The first generation shorts were a huge hit and for several years we were well known at festivals as the team with LARD on the ass. I will say that the shorts were not the most comfortable and the LARD silkscreening rubbed off fairly quickly. The shirts the design were by Leon and portions of that design have survived up through 2010 in various incarnations.

Hi Folks,

I just wanted to thank you all for being a part of a very memorable weekend and for contributing your time, money, and effort for charity (Self-Help for the Elderly). You may not have realized it, but we made history in the number and quality of the teams participating in this year's races and talent contest! And even though my own Wells Fargo team did not win in the Battle of the Financial Behemoths (we lost to Merrill Lynch), I had a great time meeting you all and seeing your teams paddling on the water.

I'd also like to take the time to acknowledge that we had problems with the setup of the race course which was not properly addressed during the races. On behalf of the Race Organizing Committee, I'd like to apologize for not being as open as we should have been in admitting the race course's shortfalls. Teams racing in the outer lanes had a clear advantage over those in the inner ones. I understand your dilemma since my own team lost a few close decisions racing in Lane 2. Please be assured that we tried to correct the problem on Sunday but we may not have been completely successful. For the future, we are planning to enlist the services of several experienced race course setter-uppers in the Bay Area paddling community. We will also be speaking to the racing community at large for suggestions and advice. your own suggetsions and comments will also be greatly appreciated.

~James Chen CDBA Liason


Cindy Wu
Fontaine Su
Huay Wee
Laura Messerschmitt
Rhodora Enriquez
Sue-Meng Lau
Wileen Wong
Wynne Wong


Arthur Yeh
Dennis Wang
Eddie Liu
Eddy Kim
Greg Kromhout
Henry Chiang
Jason Cheng
Jon Kaplan
Kenny Kim
Leon Cheng
Mike Healey
Tom Havel
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