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Squad Division Place
race results
Mixed 500M Div A Semi-final 3 LARD Black 2 2:16.569
Mixed 500M Div C Semi-final 3 LARD White 2 2:36.912
Mixed 500M Div C Final 1 LARD Red 3 2:24.436
Mixed 200M Div A Final 1 LARD Black 2 0:53.441
Mixed 200M Div C Final 2 LARD Red 3 0:59.331
e Mixed 200M Div B Semi-final # 4 LARD White 3 1:03.098


Butch Lucero (July 28, 2014)

Sure. Here's my story (and I'm sticking to it):

On my way to Capt. Tab's place to pick her up (after picking up some Starbuck's coffee), I'm heading towards the intersection with green showing all the way. In my peripheral (on my left), I notice a Benz heading towards the intersection in the perpendicular direction to me. I remember thinking, he's coming in fast for someone who's got a red light. As I enter intersection, I realize (to my horror) that he's not stopping. My thoughts during the fraction of seconds after I've entered the intersection: "Fu$* he's not stopping. Fu!$ we're on a collision course." I slam on my brakes as the automatic response. Bam! "Fu$!, he's hit me!" "Fu$&!" (I actually remember thinking and saying it).

Shortly after the impact, I realize my car is still slowly moving forward. I stop the car. Then pull it over on the side of the road. Check my self. Doesn't seem to be any blood and all my body parts still intact. My first thoughts (no kidding): I gotta let Tabitha know that she needs to go ahead without me and not be late. I gotta notify the coaches. I need to let Megan know (I was her ride home). I'm suppose to help Diane with lunch today. I've got Rah Rah's gift. This sucks!

I step out of my car to check on the other driver. He's already running towards my car and he's yelling "are you okay?! are you okay?!". I say yeah, are you? We both assure each other that we're okay. Practically hug each other in relief. He's obviously in distress, shaken up, and a little panicky. Then I ask him, "what happened, dude? I remember having the green light. You went right through a red light. What do you remember?" He essentially tells me that he doesn't remember, didn't see me at all until he hit me, and didn't even hit his brakes. Ugh! Idiot!

I also remember, doing another check of how I felt to assess damage to my body. Hmmm. My back feels sore and tight. My shoulders are achy. Arms and knees are sore. Pretty much normal for a LARD race weekend. Yup, all good!

You'll see from the attached photo that he essentially L-boned me. I was lucky that he hit me towards the rear third of my car. The energy absorbed and dissipated in a direction away from me. Another couple feet towards the front of my car where I was, would've been very bad. I was actually impressed with how well my car handled the collision. You can see that his Benz took the brunt of the impact. When I looked at his car, I actually thought, "Damn, the side of my car demolished his car's face. I win!"

A bit of a long explanation. Anyway, important thing is I'm okay. And other driver also. I actually asked my insurance company to try to secure me a rental car that day so I could still get to Long Beach. I thought I could still paddle the 250m races that afternoon (probably not smart on my part). I even contact Eric Cho to see if he was planning on dropping by LB.

Now just waiting to hear back from insurance company with their assessment.

Dan Gee (July 30, 2014)

Steering was super fun. What did I learn?: Cross wind is annoying. Floating your boat into the starting gate at 1mph can still result in disaster for the dragon head. Steering a close race is almost as exciting as paddling in one. Also pro tip: remember your boat number when lining up or returning to shore. Finally - shout out to corporate Water Ninjas team for recruiting me as their impromptu steersperson; those were pretty fun times. Between that boat and White, my voice was a tad shot (only a bit) by the end of it all but it was all good.